11th Standard EM - Computer Applications - Working With Typical Operating System ( Windows & Linux)

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Question - 1

From the options given below, choose the operations managed by the operating system.

  • A Memory
  • B Processes
  • C Disks and I/O devices
  • D all of the above

Question - 2

Which is the default folder for many Windows Applications to save your file?

  • A My Document
  • B My Pictures
  • C Documents and Settings
  • D My Computer

Question - 3

Under which of the following OS, the option Shift + Delete - permanently deletes a file or folder?

  • A Windows 7
  • B Windows 8
  • C Windows 10
  • D All of the OS

Question - 4

What is the meaning of "Hibernate" in Windows XP/Windows 7?

  • A Restart the Computer in safe mode
  • B Restart the Computer in hibernate mode
  • C Shutdown the Computer terminating all the running applications
  • D Shutdown the Computer without closing the running applications

Question - 5

Which of the following OS is not based on Linux?

  • A Ubuntu
  • B Redhat
  • C CentOs
  • D BSD

Question - 6

Which of the following in Ubuntu OS is used to view the options for the devices installed?

  • A Settings
  • B Files
  • C Dash
  • D VBox_GAs_5.2 ..2

Question - 7

Identify the default email client in Ubuntu?

  • A Thunderbird
  • B Firefox
  • C Internet Explorer
  • D Chrome

Question - 8

Which is the default application for spreadsheets in Ubuntu? This is available in the software launcher?

  • A Libre Office Writer
  • B Libre Office Calc
  • C Libre Office Impress
  • D Libre Office Spreadsheet

Question - 9

Which is the default browser for Ubuntu?

  • A Firefox
  • B Internet Explorer
  • C Chrome
  • D Thunderbird

Question - 10

Where will you select the option to log out suspend, restart, or shut down from the desktop of Ubuntu OS?

  • A Session Indicator
  • B Launcher
  • C Files
  • D Search