Banking Awareness - Financial Reforms and Banking Innovation

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Question - 1

A 'Debit Card' is issued by a bank to

  • A all customers of a bank
  • B all customers having Savings bank account with a bank
  • C all customers having loan account with a bank
  • D a bank customers who is income tax assesee
  • E all corporate Salary account holder

Question - 2

A lot of Banks in India these days are offering M-abnking Facility to their customers. What is the full form 'M' in 'M'-Banking?

  • A Money
  • B Marginal
  • C Message
  • D Mutual Fund
  • E Mobile Phone

Question - 3

Which of the following is the limitation of the ATMs owing to which people are required to visit branches of the bank?
    I. It does not accept deposits
    II. It has a limited cash disbursement capacity
    III. Lack of human interface
Select the correct answer using the codes given below

  • A Only I
  • B Only II
  • C Only III
  • D III, II and I
  • E None of these

Question - 4

A Bank/Finacial Organisation these days relies heavily on e-commerce for its transaction. As a part of system security, it has introduced the organisation's security awareness manual. This step of the organisation can be classified under, which one of the following categories of measures for a business?

  • A Preventive
  • B Compliance
  • C Corrective
  • D Detective
  • E None of these

Question - 5

Real time gross settlement benefits

  • A the customers
  • B the banks
  • C Reserve Bank of India
  • D Both 1 and 2
  • E None of these

Question - 6

Which of the following banks has opened the country's first, 'Cash Factory' in Lucknow which will issue currency notes to all its branches and ATM in that area?

  • A Bank of India
  • B Bank of Baroda
  • C State Bank of India
  • D Union Bank of India
  • E None of these

Question - 7

As we all know, more and more countries/organisations are now going for non-cash transactions and accordingly banks have launched many new products in the market for the same. Which of the following products is a non-cash transaction product?

  • A Only ATM Card
  • B Only Credit Card
  • C Only Prepaid Card
  • D Only Debit Card
  • E All are non-cash transaction products

Question - 8

As we an have noticed, banks these days are giving more emphasis on 'Branchless Banking. What does this really mean?
   I. Banks will not have many branches as used to be the good old days. Instead, the number will be restricted and will conduct only a specified" core business.
  II. Banks will launch/operate many delivery channels like ATMs, Mobile Banking/ Internet Banking etc, so that people are not required to visit a branch for their usual banking needs.
 III. This means banks will issue only debit or credit cards for all types of day-to-day financial transactions. Cheques/cash payments will not be allowed
Select the correct answer using the codes given below

  • A Only I
  • B Only II
  • C I and II
  • D II and III
  • E All of these

Question - 9

The finacial assistance of loans of rs 10000 by a bank to very a small borrower will bw called

  • A Business finance
  • B Government finance
  • C Micro finance
  • D Small finance
  • E KYC finance

Question - 10

One of the major emphasis of Base II is that banks should have

  • A adequate Capital Adequacy Ratio
  • B only few branches in urban centres
  • C more and more branches in rural areas
  • D core banking mode of operation
  • E All of the above