Marketing Officer - Branding, Packing and Labeling

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Question - 1

Brand image is partially derived from a    -----------

  • A price image
  • B product image
  • C company image
  • D place image
  • E None of these

Question - 2

A package which has a secondary usefulness after its contents have been consumed, is

  • A Dual use package
  • B Bulk package
  • C Both '1' and '2'
  • D Consumer package
  • E Industrial package

Question - 3

The process of branding covers

  • A giving on identity to a product
  • B designing a brand mark
  • C establishing the product
  • D popularising the product
  • E All of the above

Question - 4

The collective perceptions and impressions people have formed about an organisation, its
product and/or its services is known as its

  • A brand image
  • B brand value 
  • C brand alert
  • D brand attribute 
  • E brand architecture

Question - 5

Trademark is the legal word of

  • A brand
  • B product
  • C patent
  • D all of these
  • E none of these

Question - 6

Which of the following is the type of distributor's brand?

  • A private brand 
  • B store brand 
  • C dealer brand 
  • D house brand 
  • E all of these 

Question - 7

One distinguishing factor between a brand name and a brand mark is that a brand name

  • A creates customer loyalty
  • B implies an organisation name
  • C consists of words 
  • D identifies only one item in the product mix
  • E none of the above  

Question - 8

Product design is a function of

  • A front office staff
  • B back office staff
  • C management
  • D marketing and research team
  • E loan section 

Question - 9

The function of branding includes

  • A product identification
  • B ensuring legal right on product 
  • C price differentiation of products
  • D sustaining brand loyalty
  • E all of the above

Question - 10

Which of the following constitute a trend?

  • A Name
  • B Term
  • C Symbol
  • D Design
  • E All of these