Marketing Officer - Consumer Behaviour

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Question - 1

Which of the following  statements best describes the concept of involvement  in the context of buyer behaviour?

  • A The length of time involved in the decision  in the buyinmg process
  • B The potential impact of people involved in the decision  - making unit.
  • C The number of people involved in the decision makingt unit
  • D The complexity of an order
  • E All of the above

Question - 2

A prospect means

  • A any consumer who walks into the bank
  • B an employee of the bank
  • C a customer who is likely to be ionterested in bank' s product  or service
  • D a depositer of the bank
  • E a borrower of the bank

Question - 3

Needs differ from wants because

  • A wants are socialised manifestation of underlying needs.
  • B needs and historical wants are about the future
  • C needs and wants are exactly the same 
  • D All of the above 
  • E None of the above

Question - 4

Buying decisions generally follow a pattern of overlapping stages . Which of the following  best describes  the typical stages of the buying process?

  • A Need recognition > Information search >Evaluation >Decision > post purchase evaluation
  • B Need recognition> Evaluation >Information search>Decision> post purchase evaluation
  • C Information search >Need recognition> Evaluation >Decision > post purchase evaluation
  • D All of the above
  • E None of the above

Question - 5

target group means

  • A all employees
  • B short listed group
  • C all the marketing staff
  • D sales representative
  • E group of people likely to buy the identifies product.

Question - 6

Which of the following is type of the consumer?

  • A Active personal consumer
  • B Personal consumer
  • C Risk taker
  • D All of the above
  • E None of the above

Question - 7

Which of the following is not associated with a role in a buying decision making unit?

  • A Supplier
  • B Gate-keeper
  • C Decision-maker
  • D buyer
  • E None of these

Question - 8

Which of the following is buying motives?

  • A Rest and recreation   
  • B    Sociability and striving       
  • C   Pride   
  • D All of these  
  • E   None of these

Question - 9

Which  is psycological motives?

  • A Sleeping  
  • B Hunger
  • C    Thirst  
  • D Rest and recreation
  • E    All of these

Question - 10

In India , who plays vital role in buying decision?

  • A man with their friends  
  • B man with their boss 
  • C Staff  
  • D Woman  
  • E none of these