Marketing Officer - Modern Marketing System

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Question - 1

Service marketing is the same as

  • A relationship marketing
  • B transaction marketing
  • C passive marketing
  • D internal marketing
  • E instant marketing

Question - 2

The target market for debit cards is

  • A all existing account-holders
  • B all agriculturists
  • C all DSAs
  • D all vendors
  • E all outsourced agents

Question - 3

The modern marketing concept assets that 'marketing' starts with the product idea and ends with

  • A production of quality product
  • B advertisement campaign
  • C customer satisfaction
  • D sale of the product
  • E exchange of money

Question - 4

A call in marketing means

  • A to phone the customers
  • B to visit the customers
  • C to visit the marketing site
  • D to call on prospective customer
  • E None of the above

Question - 5

Service marketing implies selling of

  • A only goods
  • B only services
  • C web services
  • D various commodities
  • E goods and services

Question - 6

KYC means

  • A Keep Your Customer Cool
  • B Keep Your Credit Card
  • C Keep Your Customers
  • D Keep Your Cool
  • E Keep Your Credits

Question - 7

Customer retention can be ensured by

  • A offering freebies
  • B offering loans at low rates
  • C catchy slogans
  • D giving incentives
  • E personalised services

Question - 8

Profit by customer satisfaction is a tool of

  • A old concept of marketing
  • B new concept of marketing
  • C production
  • D price
  • E None of the above

Question - 9

Motivating customers to buy upgraded products when they had intended to buy something of lower value is known as

  • A cross selling
  • B forward selling
  • C marketing
  • D channel marketing
  • E upselling

Question - 10

EMI is a marketing tool if

  • A it is very high
  • B it is very low
  • C it is increasing
  • D it is fluctuating
  • E it has no role as a marketing tool