Marketing Officer - Sales Promotion

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Question - 1

Effective selling skills depends on

  • A number of languages known to the DSA
  • B data on marketing staff
  • C information regardinhg IT market
  • D knowledge of releted markets
  • E ability to talk fast

Question - 2

Which of the following is/are examples of the popular sales promotion activities?

  • A Buy one get one free
  • B Customer relationship management
  • C Merchandising
  • D Free samples
  • E All of the above

Question - 3

Leads can be best sourced from

  • A foreign customer
  • B yellowpages
  • C dictionary
  • D list of vendors
  • E local supply chans

Question - 4

A direct Selling Agent (DSA) ie required to be adopt in 

  • A surrogats marketing
  • B traning skills
  • C communication skills
  • D market research
  • E OTC maeketing

Question - 5

Sales promotion may be effective, when...... techniques are used.

  • A advertising and salesmanship
  • B pricing
  • C BEP
  • D EOQ
  • E All of these

Question - 6

Post-sales activities include

  • A sales presentation
  • B customer feedback
  • C customer identification
  • D customer apathy
  • E product design

Question - 7

'Benchmark' mean

  • A sales performance measurement
  • B marks given to sales persons
  • C appraisla
  • D standard value of comparison
  • E automation

Question - 8

Communication skills in case of a DSA means

  • A giving lengthy speeches
  • B sending good SMS messages
  • C being talkative
  • D ability to convince thye customer with the right choice of works
  • E being multi linguist

Question - 9

The sales promotion targeted at the customer is called

  • A consumer sales promotion
  • B trade sales promotion
  • C retailer sales promotion
  • D wholesaler sales promotion
  • E None of the above

Question - 10

Effective communication skills are not required in marketing if

  • A demand exceeds supply
  • B supply exceeds demand
  • C buyer is illiterate
  • D seller is illitrate
  • E None of these