Civil Engineering - Fluid Mechanics

Question - 1

Gauge pressure within a droplet of water 0.4cm in diameter will be

  • A 101.37kPa
  • B 73Pa
  • C 101.37Pa
  • D 1.0137 kPa

Question - 2

The velocity distribution for flow over a plate is given by u=0.5y-y2.If the dynamic viscosity (\(\mu\)) of the fluid is 0.9N-s/m2 .Then, what is the shear stress at 0.20m from the boundary?

  • A 0.9 N/m2
  • B 1.8 N/m2
  • C 2.25 N/m2
  • D 0.09 N/m2

Question - 3

Oil (μ=0.44 Pa-s) and (ρ=888kg/m3)is filled in space between two parallel plates which are 18mm apart.The upper plate is moving at a velocity of 4m/s.What is the shear on the plate?

  • A 97.8Pa
  • B 48.9Pa
  • C 79.8Pa
  • D 87.9Pa

Question - 4

A skater (w=800N) skates at 54km/h on ice at 00 C.The average skating area supporting him is 10cm2 and effective dynamic coefficient of friction at 00 C.What is the average thickness of water film between skate and ice?

  • A 9.375mm
  • B 93.75mm
  • C 93.75 x 10-3mm
  • D 9.37 x 10-3mm

Question - 5

A fluid is a substance whch

  • A cannot withstand any shear
  • B cannot remain at rest under action of a shear force
  • C flows in the absence of shear force
  • D is incompressible and inviscid

Question - 6

The Newton's law of viscosity relates

  • A the strees and the strain in the fluid
  • B the shear stress, pressure and velocity
  • C the shear stress and rate of strain
  • D the viscosity and the shear stress

Question - 7

the units of rate of strain in a fluid at a point are

  • A m
  • B m/s
  • C rad/s
  • D None of these

Question - 8

The velocity gradient in the transverse direction for a fluid flows equals

  • A the pressure gradient
  • B the rate of shear strain
  • C the stress at that point
  • D the strain at that point

Question - 9

A 1m2, 10kg flat plate slides down a 300 inclined plane over a 0.1cm uniform layer of oil, μ=0.05N-s/m2.The steady state velocity of plate will be

  • A 9.81cm/s
  • B 0.981 cm/s
  • C 98.1cm/s
  • D 9.81cm/s

Question - 10

The volume of liquid is reduced by 1% by increasing the pressure from 5atm to 125atm.The modulus of elasticity of liquid is

  • A 1.216 x 106kN/m2
  • B 12.16 x 106N/m2
  • C 12.16 x 103N/m2
  • D zero