Civil Engineering - Mechanics

Question - 1

The shear stress at any section at a distance y from neutral axis is given by

  • A \(\tau =\frac { VA\bar { y } }{ lb } \)
  • B \(\tau =\frac { VAb }{ \sqrt { y } } \)
  • C \(\tau =\frac { ib\bar { y } }{ VA } \)
  • D \(\tau =\frac { IA\bar { y } }{ Vb } \)

Question - 2

The shape of the shear stress diagram for a square beam is

  • A parabola
  • B hyperbola
  • C rectangle
  • D triangular

Question - 3

A sudden change in shear stress distribution diagram at the cross-section shows

  • A sudden change in depth of the section
  • B sudden change in width of beam
  • C Both of the above
  • D None of the above

Question - 4

A beam of square sectionis placed horizontally with one diagonal placed horizontally. The maximum shear stress occurs at

  • A 3/8d from top
  • B 3/8d from NA
  • C at the NA
  • D at the top

Question - 5

A simply supported steel I-beam is subjected to a shear force Q. If the depth of beam of 2h and the maximum shear occurs at a distance........from the bottom

  • A 1.5h
  • B 1.0h
  • C 0.8h
  • D 0.5h

Question - 6

The shear stress distribution diagram of a beam is shown in the given figure.

The cross-section of the beam is

  • A 1
  • B \(\Box \)
  • C T
  • D \(\triangle \)

Question - 7

The shear stress distribution shown in figure represents a beam with cross-section.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Question - 8

The shear stress distribution over a beam cross-section is shown in the figure, the beam is of

  • A equal flange I-section
  • B unequal flange I-section
  • C circular cross-section
  • D T-section

Question - 9

A simply supported I -beam with its web horizontal is shown in the given fiqure. Tt is subjected to a vertical load. The shape of the shear stress distribution in the cross-section of the beam under the load would be

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Question - 10

A beam of square cross-section is placed horizontally with are diagonal horizontal as shown in the figure. It is subjected to a vertical shear force acting along the depth of cross-section. Maximum shear stress across the depth of cross-section occurs at a deapth X from top. What is the value of X?

  • A zero
  • B X=2D/3
  • C X=3D/4
  • D X=D