Chemistry - Chemical Bonding

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Question - 1

In the formation of methane molecule,the carbon atoms make use of

  • A sp hybrid orbitals
  • B sp2 hybrid orbitals
  • C sp3 hybrid orbitals
  • D dsp2 hybrid orbitals

Question - 2

Carbon in carbondioxide molecule is

  • A sp hybridised
  • B sp2 hybridised
  • C sp3 hybridised
  • D dsp2 hybridised

Question - 3

Carbon-Carbon bond in acetylene contains

  • A one sigma and two pi bonds
  • B two sigma and two pi bonds
  • C two sigma and one pi bonds
  • D three sigma and one pi bonds

Question - 4

Which one of the following is true for AlCl3? AlCl3 is predominantly covalent because it has

  • A high charge of ions
  • B small size of cation
  • C large size of anion
  • D All the above

Question - 5

A pi bond

  • A is formed by end to end overlapping of orbitals
  • B is formed by lateral overlapping of orbitals
  • C is formed by overlapping of orbitals along their internuclear axis
  • D determines the direction and extent of internuclear distance

Question - 6

Atomic orbitals of carbon in graphite have

  • A sp hybridisation
  • B sp2 hybridisation
  • C sp3 hybridisation
  • D dsp2 hybridisation

Question - 7

The strength of bonds formed by s-s,p-p, and s-p overlap is in the order of

  • A s-s < s-p < p-p
  • B s-s < p-p < s-s
  • C s-p < s-s < p-p
  • D p-p < s-s < s-p

Question - 8

Butyne-2 contains

  • A sp hybridised carbon atoms only
  • B sp3 hybridised carbon atoms only
  • C both sp and sp2 hybridised carbon atoms
  • D both sp and sp3 hybridised carbon atoms

Question - 9

The compound 1,2, butadiene has

  • A only sp hybridised carbon atoms
  • B only sp2 hybridised carbon atoms
  • C only sp2 and sp3 hybridised carbon atoms
  • D sp,sp2, sp3 hybridised carbon atoms

Question - 10

The fact that BeF2 is a linear molecule implies that Be-F bonds involve

  • A sp hybrids
  • B sp2 hybrids
  • C sp3 hybrids
  • D resonance