Chemistry - Chemistry in Everday Life

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Question - 1

The most useful classification of drugs for medicinal chemists is

  • A On the basis of chemical structure
  • B On the basis of drug action
  • C On the basis of molecular targets
  • D On the basis of pharmacological effect

Question - 2

Which statement is not true about enzyme inhibitors?

  • A Prevent the binding of substrate
  • B A strong covalent bond is formed between the inhibitor and enzyme
  • C These can be competitive or non-competitive
  • D Inhibit the catalytic activity of the enzyme

Question - 3

Which statement about aspirin is not true?

  • A Aspirin belongs to narcotic analgesics.
  • B It is effective in relieving pain.
  • C It has antiblood clotting action.
  • D It is a neurologically active drug

Question - 4

The drug used for the prevention of heart attacks is

  • A aspirin
  • B valium
  • C chloramphenicol
  • D cephalsoprin

Question - 5

Which of the following is not an analgesic?

  • A Ibuprofen
  • B Dichlofenac sodium
  • C Naproxen
  • D Ofloxacin

Question - 6

An ester used as medicine is

  • A ethyl acetate
  • B methyl acetate
  • C methyl salicylate
  • D ethyl benzoate

Question - 7

Match the following and choose the correct option.

Column I Column II
A. Analgesics
B. Tranquilizers
C. Antiseptics
D. Antacids
p. Barbiturates
q.  Aspirin
r.  Zantac
s. Dettol
  • A A B C D q p s r
  • B A B C D p r q s
  • C A B C D q s r p
  • D A B C D r p s q

Question - 8

Substances which affect the central nervous system and include sleep are called

  • A analgesics
  • B antipyretics
  • C tranquilizers
  • D None of these

Question - 9

Luminal, a barbiturate drug, is used as 

  • A antihistamine
  • B hypnotic
  • C antiseptic
  • D antimalarial

Question - 10

Which of the following is not an antiseptic drug?

  • A Dettol
  • B Iodoform
  • C Gention violet
  • D Lindane