Chemistry - Chemistry of Lighter Metals

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Question - 1

Due to the presence of which of the following molten  sodium chloride conducts electricity?

  • A free electrons
  • B ions
  • C atoms of Na
  • D atoms of  cl

Question - 2

which one of the following anhydrous halides can be prepared by heating its hydrated form?

  • A Zncl2
  • B Mgcl2
  • C Bacl2
  • D Alcl3

Question - 3

Plaster of paris is

  • A CaSO4.H2O
  • B 2(CaSO4.1/2H2O)
  • C CaCO3
  • D 2CaO.H2O

Question - 4

Bleaching powder is obtained by the interaction of chlorine and

  • A dil.solution of Cu(OH)2
  • B con.solution of Cu(OH)2
  • C dry CaO
  • D moist slaked lime

Question - 5

A Colourless solid on heating evolved carbondioxide and also gave a white residue.The residue was soluble in water and evolved carbondioxide when treated with dilute acid.The solid compound is 

  • A calcium carbonate 
  • B sodium bicarbonate 
  • C calcium bicarbonate 
  • D sodium carbonate

Question - 6

Which of following has the lowest ionisation energy?

  • A sodium
  • B hydrogen
  • C potassium
  • D lithium

Question - 7

Which one of the following is preferentially formed on reaction of oxygen with potassium?

  • A K2O3
  • B KO2
  • C K2O
  • D K2O4

Question - 8

The alkaline earth metals are 

  • A Na and K
  • B Mg and Ca
  • C Cu and Mg
  • D Al and Fe

Question - 9

Which one of the following mixtures is known as morter?

  • A slaked lime and water 
  • B CaCO3 and water
  • C CaCO3 ,sand and water
  • D slaked lime ,sand and water

Question - 10

Which one of the following elements does not belong to the third row of  periodic table?

  • A Mg
  • B Cu
  • C Al 
  • D P