Chemistry - Chemistry Of Non-Metals - I (Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen)

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Question - 1

Nitrogen can be prepared by heating

  • A ammonium chloride and sodium nitrate
  • B ammonium dichromate
  • C ammonium sulphate and caustic soda
  • D ammonium carbonate

Question - 2

In tritium, electrons, protons and neutrons are present in the ratio of

  • A 1:1:0
  • B 1:1:1
  • C 1:1:2
  • D 1:2:1

Question - 3

Graham's salt is

  • A sodium sulphat
  • B sodium hexametaphosphate
  • C calcium sulphat
  • D potassium aluminium sulphat

Question - 4

Ordinary hydrogen contains more of the  ortho variety at

  • A lower temperatures
  • B higher temparatures
  • C low pressures
  • D high pressures

Question - 5

A white crystalline substance X on heating with conc. HSO4 gave acidic vapours. On heating alone it give a gas which rekindled a glowing splinter. On heating with NaOH it gave a gas which turned re litmus blue,X is

  • A NaNO3
  • B NH4NO2
  • C KNO3
  • D NH4NO3

Question - 6

Which one of the following does not contain peroxide ion?

  • A MnO2
  • B Na2O2
  • C BaO2
  • D SrO2

Question - 7

The volume strength of 1.5 N-H2O2 solution is

  • A 4.8
  • B 8.4
  • C 3.0
  • D 8

Question - 8

Nitrogen dioxide cannot be obtaind by heating

  • A KNO3
  • B Pb(NO3)2
  • C Cu(NO3)2
  • D AgNO3

Question - 9

When a substance Areacts with warer it produces a combustible gas B and a solution of substance C in water. When another substance D reacts with the water. When another substance D reacts with the solution of C, it also produces the same gas B on warming but D can produce B on reaction with dilute H2SO4 at room temperature. A imparts a deep yellow colour to a smokeless flame of Bunsen flame of Bunsen Burner. A B C and D respectively are

  • A K, H2, KOH, Al
  • B Na, H2 NaOH, Zn
  • C CaC2, C2H2, Ca(OH)2, Fe
  • D Ca, H2, Ca(OH)2,Sn

Question - 10

A sample of water contains 111 ppm of CaCl2. Hardness of that water sample is

  • A 111
  • B 50
  • C 100
  • D 55.5