Chemistry - Electrochemistry

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Question - 1

When an aqueous solution of sulphuric acid is electrolysed using platinum electrodes, the products of electrolysis are

  • A hydrogen and oxygen
  • B hydrogen and hydroxyl ion
  • C hydrogen and sulphate ion
  • D oxygen and sulphate ion

Question - 2

In the above question,the ion discharged at the anode is

  • A hydrogen
  • B oxygen
  • C hydrogen
  • D sulphate

Question - 3

When an aqueous solution of sodium chloride(not veery dilute)is electrolysed using platinum electrodes,the ions discharged at the electrodes,the ions discharged at the electrodes are

  • A sodium and hydrogen
  • B sodium and chloride
  • C hydrogen and chloride
  • D hydroxyl and chloride

Question - 4

When an aqueous solution or concentrated solution of NaOH is electrolysed using platinum electrode,the ion discharged at the cathode is

  • A sodium
  • B hydrogen
  • C hydroxyl
  • D oxygen

Question - 5

When an aqueous solution of potassium chloride is electroysed using platinum cathode and silver anode,the substances formed at the electrodes are

  • A hydrogen and AgCl
  • B hydrogen and chloride
  • C potassium and chlorine 
  • D oxygen and chlorine

Question - 6

The products obtained at the electrodes by the electrolysis of copper sulphate solution using copper electrodes are

  • A Cu and SO42-
  • B OH- and H2
  • C O2 and H2

Question - 7

The amount of charge required for the deposition of 1g equivalent of substance is

  • A one ampere for one second
  • B one ampere for one hour
  • C 96500 coulombs
  • D 96500 Faradays

Question - 8

Electrochemical reaction at the anode is oxidation.Which one of the following is not an anodic reaction?

  • A \(Cl\longrightarrow Cl+e\)
  • B \(Fe^{3+}+e^-\longrightarrow Fe^{2+}\)
  • C \(Cu\longrightarrow cu^{2+} +2e\)
  • D \(Zn=Zn^{2+} 2e^-\)

Question - 9

Cells containing a solution of mercuric perchlorate(i),mercury nitrate (ii),and mercurous perchlorate(iii),were connected ,in series so that the same quantity of electrocity passes through them,The amount of mercury obtained at the cathode is the same

  • A in all the cells
  • B in cells(i) and (ii) but more in cell(iii)
  • C in cells(i) and (iii) but more in cell(ii)
  • D in cells(ii) and (iii) but more in cell(i)

Question - 10

A current of 5A was passed through silver coulometer made of platinum crucible into which silver electrodes are immersed .After passing the current the weight of platinum crucible.

  • A Will remain the same
  • B will decrease
  • C will increase
  • D cannot be predicted without weighing it