Chemistry - Organic Chemistry Based on Functional Group - I

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Question - 1

The chloro compound that is used as afire extinguisher is

  • A CHCl3
  • B CCl4
  • C COCl3
  • D CCl3CCl3

Question - 2

phenol acts as 

  • A a base
  • B an acid
  • C an alcohol
  • D a hydrocarbon

Question - 3

A compound X of formula C3H8O yields a ketone C3H6O on oxidation .To which of the following classes of compound could X belong?

  • A an aldehyde
  • B secondary alcohol
  • C alkene 
  • D tertiary alcohol

Question - 4

Esterification of acetic acid by ethanol involves attack of the 

  • A alcohol on the carboxylate ion
  • B alcohol on the protonated ester
  • C alcohol on the protonated acid
  • D acid on the protonated alcohol

Question - 5

An alkyl halide can be converted into an alcohol by 

  • A additional reactions
  • B elimination reaction
  • C dehydration reaction 
  • D substitution reaction

Question - 6

When sodium is added to ethanol

  • A no action occurs
  • B only H2 gas is formed
  • C NaOC2H5 and O2 are formed
  • D NaOC2H5 and H2 are formed

Question - 7

In the laboratory by dehydration of ethyl alcohol ethy;ene was obtained with 50% yield.The ethylene so obtained reacted with bromine to give athylene  dibromide with 80% yield.If the amount of ethyl alcohol was 0.5 mol then athylene dibromide produced would be

  • A 0.1 mol
  • B 0.2 mol
  • C 4.0 mol
  • D 0.8 mol

Question - 8

Formation  of diethyl ether from ethanol is based on a 

  • A dehydrogenation reaction 
  • B dehydration reaction
  • C oxidation reaction 
  • D reduction reaction

Question - 9

When two halogen atoms are attached to the same carbon of alkane , the compound is called

  • A vicinal dihaloalkane
  • B geminal dihaloalkane
  • C halide of alkene
  • D dihalide of alkene

Question - 10

Correct order of boiling points for the alkyl halide is

  • A C2H5Cl > C2H5Br > C2H5I
  • B C2H5I> C2H5Br>C2H5I
  • C C2H5I>C2H5Cl >C2H5Br
  • D C2H5Br>C2H5I>C2H5Cl