Chemistry - Principles related to Practical Chemistry

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Question - 1

Xanthate formation test is basically related with

  • A aldehydes
  • B amines
  • C phenols
  • D alcohols

Question - 2

The one which gives ppt. with neutral FeCl3 is

  • A resorcinol
  • B vanillin
  • C benzonic acid
  • D All of these

Question - 3

One can separate the mixture of naphthalene and acetone by using

  • A NaHSO3
  • B HCl
  • C H2O
  • D NaOH

Question - 4

In order to differentiate with CH3CHO and C6H5CHO, one can use

  • A Fehling's solution
  • B Tollen's reagent
  • C aq. NaHSO3
  • D Benedict solution

Question - 5

Which of the following compounds cannot used in preparation of iodoform?

  • A CH3CHO
  • B CH3COCH3
  • C HCHO
  • D 2 - propanol

Question - 6

Which of the following substances is not used in the preparation of Mohr's salt?

  • A ferrous sulphate
  • B ammonium sulphate
  • C dil. sulphuric acid
  • D All are used

Question - 7

In the titration of oxalic acid vs potassium permanganate, potassium permanganate acts as

  • A external indicator
  • B self-indicator
  • C reductant
  • D Both (b) and (c)

Question - 8

The titration of Mohr's salt vs KMnO4 is an example of redox titration. In this titration, KMnO4 oxidises only ferrous salt to the ferric salt ( no effect on other ions) but we cannot use ferrous sulphate in place of Mohr's salt because

  • A it is less stable than Mohr's salt
  • B in air, it is oxidised to ferric sulphate
  • C in air, it loses water of crystallisation
  • D All of the above

Question - 9

A brown precipitate obtained by reaction of alkaline solution of Nessler's reagent and NH3 are due to the formation of

  • A mercuric hydroxide
  • B HgI42-
  • C Hg + Hg (NH2)I
  • D iodine of Millon's base

Question - 10

Sulphide insoluble in dil. HNO3 is 

  • A HgS
  • B Bi2S3
  • C ZnS
  • D PbS