Chemistry - State of Matter : Gaseous and Liquid States

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Question - 1

The minimum pressure required to compress \(500\ dm^3\) of air at 1 bar to \(200\ dm^3\) at \(30^o\ C\) is

  • A 1 bar
  • B 2.5 bar
  • C 5 bar
  • D 5.8 bar

Question - 2

A student forgot to add the reaction mixture to the round bottomed flask and \(27^oC\) but instead he/she placed the flask on the flame.  After a lapse of time, he realised his mistake and using a pyrometer he found the temperature of the flask was \(477^oC\).  What fraction of air would have been expelled out?

  • A 1.1
  • B 0.8
  • C 0.65
  • D 0.6

Question - 3

Which of the following graphs is not a straight line for an ideal gas?

  • A V versus T (n and p constant)
  • B T versus p (n and V constant)
  • C p versus 1 / V (n and T constant)
  • D n versus 1 / p (V and T constant)

Question - 4

A sample of a unknown gas is placed in a  2.5 L bulb at pressure of 360 torr and at a temperature of \(22.5^oC\) and is found to weigh 1.6616 g.  What is the molecular weight of the gas?

  • A 80 g
  • B 64 g
  • C 55 g
  • D 34 g

Question - 5

The SI unit for the quantity \(pV^2T^2/n\) is

  • A \(Nm^2\ K\ mol^{-1}\)
  • B \(Nm^4\ K\ mol^{-1}\)
  • C \(Nm^4\ K^2\ mol^{-1}\)
  • D \(N^{-1}m^2\ K^2\ mol^{-1}\)

Question - 6

The kinetic molecular theory of gases predicts pressure to rise as the temperature of a gas increases.  It is because

  • A gas molecules collide more frequently with the container walls
  • B gas molecules collide less frequently
  • C gas molecules have less kinetic energy
  • D gas molecules collide less energetically with container walls

Question - 7

He atom is two times heavier than a hydrogen molecule.  At 298 K, the average kinetic energy of the atom is

  • A two times that of a hydrogen
  • B same as that of a hydrogen molecule
  • C one fourth that of a hydrogen molecule
  • D half that of a hydrogen molecule

Question - 8

As the temperature increases, average kinetic energy of molecules increases.  What would be the effect of increase of temperature on pressure provided the volume is constant?

  • A Increases
  • B Decreases
  • C Remains same
  • D Becomes half

Question - 9

For a monoatomic gas, kinetic energy is E.  Its relation with \(V_{rmx}\) velocity is

  • A \(v_{rms}=({2E\over m})^{1/2}\)
  • B \(v_{rms}=({E\over m})^{1/2}\)
  • C \(v_{rms}=({E\over 2m})^{1/2}\)
  • D \(v_{rms}=({4E\over 3m})^{1/2}\)

Question - 10

The ratio of root mean square velocity to average velocity of a gas molecule at a particular temperature is

  • A 1 : 1.086
  • B 2 : 1.86
  • C 1.086 : 1
  • D 2.086 : 1