Physics - Electrostatistics

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Question - 1

A charge +q located at O is placed midway between two charges of +q each.All the three charges lie on a straight line. The charge at O

  • A will be in unstable equilibrium
  • B will be in stable equilibrium
  • C will not be in stable equilibrium
  • D will move laterally along the right bisector of the line

Question - 2

A wimshurst machine cannot work in vacuum because

  • A there is no air
  • B air is a bad conductor of electricity
  • C there is no mutual collision of molecules
  • D there is optimum pressure of air required for its operation
  • E Charge is produced by conduction

Question - 3

Electric potential difference is defined as the

  • A Scalar function of position
  • B single-valued scalar function of two positions
  • C potential energy of a system of charges
  • D potential associated with the electric field

Question - 4

The edge effect in a parallel plate capacitor can be made negligibly small if

  • A the separation between the two plates is small
  • B the separation is small and area of the plates is large
  • C the area of the plates is large
  • D the separation is large and area is small

Question - 5

The variation of potential energy V(r) as a function of distance of separation(r) for a proton p and an electron e is given by the graph

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Question - 6

A parallel plate capacitor has charge +Q and -Q on its plate.The separation between the plates is doubled

  • A charge on the plates is reduced to half
  • B capacitance is doubled
  • C Potential difference between the plates is doubled
  • D Electric field between the plates is reduced to half

Question - 7

The dimensional formula for electric field strength is

  • A \(ML{ T }^{ -2 }{ I }^{ -1 }\)
  • B \(ML ^ { -1 }{ T }^{ -3 }{ I }^{ -1 }\)
  • C \(ML{ T }^{ -2 }{ I }\)
  • D \(ML{ T }^{ -3 }{ I }^{ -1 }\)

Question - 8

A parallel plate capacitor stores its electrical energy in

  • A the plate at higher potential
  • B the plate at lower potential
  • C the potential difference between the two plates
  • D the electric field between the two plates

Question - 9

Two capacitors of capacitance 3\(\mu F\) and 6\(\mu F\) are connected in series across a 12V battery.They are then disconnected from the battery and connected together in parallel.The resulting potential difference will be

  • A 12 V
  • B 6 V
  • C 5.6 V
  • D 8 V

Question - 10

How many time constants must elapse before a capacitor in an RC circuit is charged to within 1% of its equilibrium charge?

  • A 0.868
  • B 2
  • C 1.152
  • D 4.606