Physics - Experimental Physics

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Question - 1

If in a screw gauge, zero mark of the circular scale remains on right of reference line and does not cross it and 2nd division on circular scale comes on referrence line, then zero correction is

  • A -0.02mm
  • B -0.002mm
  • C +0.02mm
  • D -0.2mm

Question - 2

For a simple pendulum, when a graph is plotted betwen displacement d, KE=\(1\over 2\)mv2 and PE=mgh, taking d along X-axis and \(1\over 2\)mv2 and mgh along Y-axis, the graph comes as

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Question - 3

The length of the string of a simple pendulum is mmeasured with a meter scale to be 92.0cm, the radius of the bob plus the hook is measured with the help of vernier callipers to be 2.17cm.Mark out the correct statement(s).

  • A Least count of meter scale is 0.1 cm
  • B Least count of vernier callipers is 0.01cm
  • C Effective length of simple pendulum is 94.2cm
  • D All of the above

Question - 4

Two wire A and B have same lengths and made of the same material but A is thicker than B.  Both are subjected to the same extending load.  Which will extend more?

  • A A
  • B B
  • C Same extension
  • D Can't predict

Question - 5

When a glass capillary tube of radius 0.015 cm is dipped in water, the water rises to a height of  15 cm within it.  Assuming contact angle between water and glass to be \(0^o\) , the surface tension of water is

\([\rho _{water}= 1000\ kg^{-m^3, g = 9.81\ ms^{-2}}]\)

  • A \(0.11\ Nm^{-1}\)
  • B \(0.7\ Nm^{-1}\)
  • C \(0.072\ Nm^{-1}\)
  • D None of these

Question - 6

When 0.15 kg of ice at \(0^oC\) is mixed with 0.30 kg of water at \(50^oC\) in a container, the resulting temperature is \(6.7^oC.\) The heat of fusion of ice is

  • A \(3.34\times 10^5\ J\ kg^{-1}\)
  • B \(2.34\times 10^{-5}\ J\ kg^{-1}\)
  • C \(4.34\times 10^4\ J\ kg^{-1}\)
  • D \(3.34\times 10^6\ J\ kg^{-1}\)

Question - 7

In the experiment of measuring speed of sound by resonance tube, it is observed that for tuning fork of frequency v = 480 Hz, length of air column in cm, \(l_1=30\ cm, l_2=70\ cm\)  then \(v_1\) is equal to

  • A \(338\ ms^{-1}\)
  • B \(379\ ms^{-1}\)
  • C \(384\ ms^{-1}\)
  • D \(332\ ms^{-1}\)

Question - 8

In an experiment of determining coefficient of viscosity, one lead shot A is having radius \(r_1\) and the other B is having \(r_1/2.\) Which one will fall fast?

  • A A
  • B B
  • C Both with same speed
  • D None of the above

Question - 9

The angle of minimum deviation for a glass prism with \(\mu=\sqrt3\) equals the refracting angle of the prism.  The angle of the prism is

  • A \(60^o\)
  • B \(30^o\)
  • C \(45^o\)
  • D \(90^o\)

Question - 10

With a concave mirror, an object is placed at a distance x, from the principal focus, on the principal axis.  The image is formed at a distance \(x_2.\)  From the principal focus, the focal length of the mirror is

  • A \(x_1\over x_2\)
  • B \(x_1+6 x_2\)
  • C \(\sqrt{x_1\ x_2}\)
  • D \(x_1\ x_2\)