Physics - Newtons Laws of Motion

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Question - 1

The greatest and least values of the resultant of two forces \((F_{1}andF_{2})\) acting at a point are 98 N and 58.8 N respectively.

  • A \(F_{1}\) and \(F_{2}\) must have values lying between 98 N and 58.8 N
  • B The smaller of the two forces must be greater than 58.8 N
  • C The greater of the two forces must be greater than 98 N
  • D The greater of the two forces must be 8 kg f.

Question - 2

A person who is at rest on completely frictionless ice covering a pond can reach shore by the application of

  • A Newton's first law of motion
  • B Newton's second law of motion
  • C Newton's third law of motion
  • D Newton's first and third law of motion

Question - 3

A 10 kgf- force is applied at one end of a spring balance and an equal stretching force is applied at the other end at the same time.  The reading of the balance will be

  • A zero
  • B 10 kgf
  • C 20 kgf
  • D 25 kgf

Question - 4

A cricket ball of mass 150 g is thrown with an initial speed of 72 km \(h^{-1}\).  The batsman deflects it by an angle of \(45^{o}\) withour change in its speed.  If bat interacts with the ball for a short duration of 50 ms, the force imparted by the batsman to the ball is

  • A 155 N
  • B 111 N
  • C 1110 N
  • D None of the above

Question - 5

A person who is at rest on completely frictionless ice covering a lape, could reach shore by

  • A rolling
  • B kicking his feet
  • C swinging his arms keeping his back towards the shore
  • D swinging his arms keeping his front towards the shore

Question - 6

If a body of mass 3 kg is moving on a circular path with radius to 3m with a velocity of 2 \(ms^{-1}\) and acceleration of  1 \(ms^{-2}\).  The ratio of normal force to ner force is

  • A 0.8
  • B 0.5
  • C 0.6
  • D 1.0

Question - 7

For the same coefficient  of friction between the road and the tyre, the stopping distance of vehicle from specified velocity on applying brakes

  • A increases with weight of vehicle
  • B decreases with weight of vehicle
  • C remains same irrespective of weight of vehicle
  • D is upredictable

Question - 8

A train is moving at a constant speed along a straight level track.  Then

  • A the frictional force is zero
  • B the frictional force on the engine and the coach acts in the same direction
  • C the pushing force is greater than the frictional force
  • D the resultant of all the forces acting on the train is zero

Question - 9

The force of friction

  • A is directly proportional to ares of contact between the surfaces for a given load.
  • B does not always oppose the relative motion of one surface over another.
  • C acts parallel to the instantaneous velocity of a body
  • D acts parallel to but opposite in direction to the instaneous velocity of a body.

Question - 10

An object with a mass of 1 kg at rent on the surface of the Earth at the Equator.  The weight of the object is

  • A 9.80 N
  • B 9.77 N
  • C 10.0 N
  • D zero