Physics - Wave Motion

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Question - 1

IF frequency of tuning fork is 400Hz, find how far the sound travels when forks make 30 vibrations? Given velocity of sound in air is 320 m/s.

  • A 32m
  • B 30m
  • C 24m
  • D 34m

Question - 2

A steel wire has a length of 12.0m and a mass of 2.10 kg.What should be the tension in the wire, so that speed of transverse wave on the wire equals the speed of sound in dry air at 200C=343 m/s?

  • A 2.56x104N
  • B 3x106​​​​​​N
  • C 3.4x105N
  • D 2.06x104N

Question - 3

The velocity of sound in hydrogen is 1224m/s.Its velocity in mixture of hydrogen and oxygen containing 4 parts by volume of hydrogen 1 parts of oxygen is

  • A 612m/s
  • B 1224m/s
  • C 2448m/s
  • D 306m/s

Question - 4

The velocity of sound in air at NTP is 331m/s.Find its velocity, when temperature rises to 910C its pressure is doubled.

  • A 372m/s
  • B 382.1m/s
  • C 423m/s
  • D 392.5m/s

Question - 5

Tw3o copper wire of radius R1 and R2 are such that R1>R2.Then, which of the following is true?

  • A Transverse wave travels faster in thinner wire
  • B Transverse wave travels faster in thicker wire
  • C Travels with same speed in both wires
  • D Does not travel

Question - 6

A wire under tension vibrates with a fundamental frequency of 600Hz.If the length of the wire is doubled, then radius halved and the wire is made to vibrate under one-ninth of the tension.Then, fundamental frequency will be

  • A 400Hz
  • B 600Hz
  • C 300Hz
  • D 200Hz

Question - 7

Two sound waves are y1=Asin(\(\omega\)t-kx) and y2=Acos(\(\omega\)t-kx).The phase difference between the two waves is

  • A \(\pi\)/2
  • B \(\pi\)/4
  • C \(\pi\)
  • D 0

Question - 8

Find the amplitude of vibration of the particles through which a sound wave of intensity 2x10-6Wm-2 and frequency is 1 kHz is passing.Density of air=1.2kgm-3 and speed of sound in air =330m/s.

  • A 1.8x10-4m
  • B 1.6x10-8m
  • C 2.4x10-8m
  • D 1.6x10-2m

Question - 9

Two interfering waves of the same frequency have an intensity ratio frequency is 16:1.The ratio of intensities at the maxima and minima is

  • A \(25\over16\)
  • B 9
  • C 4
  • D \(25\over9\)

Question - 10

For stationary wave, \(y=4sin({\pi\over15})cos(96\pi t)\) Find out the distance between a node and text antinodes.

  • A 7.5cm
  • B 15cm
  • C 30cm
  • D 22.5cm