Physics - Wave Optics

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Question - 1

When light travels from an optically rarer medium to an optically denser medium,the velocity decreases because of change in

  • A Wavelength
  • B frequency
  • C amplitude
  • D phase

Question - 2

Which of the following phenomena is not common to sound and light waves?

  • A Interference
  • B Diffraction
  • C Coherence
  • D Polarisation

Question - 3

Huygen's wave theory could not explain

  • A interference
  • B diffraction
  • C polarisation
  • D photoelectric effect

Question - 4

When light wave suffers reflection at the interface from air to glass,the change in phase of the reflected light is equal to

  • A 0
  • B \({\pi} / { 2 }\)
  • C \(\pi\)
  • D \(2{\pi }\)

Question - 5

Light travels faster in air than in glass according to

  • A wave theory of light
  • B corpuscular theory of light
  • C electromagnetic theory of light
  • D quantum theory of light

Question - 6

Ray optics is valid, when characteristic dimensions are

  • A much smaller than the wavelength of light
  • B much larger than the wavelength of light
  • C of the same order as the wavelength of light
  • D of the order of one millimetre

Question - 7

According to modern theory for nature of light,light has

  • A wave nature
  • B particle nature
  • C quantum nature
  • D both particle and wave(dual)nature

Question - 8

In a double slit interference experiment,the distance between the slits is 0.05 cm and screen is 2m away from the slits. the wavelength of lights is \(8.0\times { 10 }^{ -5 }\)cm.The distance between successive fringes is

  • A 0.24 cm
  • B 0.16 cm
  • C 0.32 cm
  • D 0.48 cm

Question - 9

The young's double slit experiment is performed with blue and green light of wavelengths 4360 \(\mathring { A } \) and 5460 \(\mathring { A } \) respectively.If y is the distance of 5th maximum from the central one, then

  • A y (blue)=y (green)
  • B y (blue)< y (green)
  • C y (blue) < y (green)
  • D y (blue) / y (green)=5460/4360

Question - 10

In the young's double slit experiment, the two slits \({S}_{1}\)and \({S}_{2}\)are not equidistant from the monochromatic light source slit S which is illuminating them.Then, the central fringe is

  • A always bright
  • B always dark
  • C uniformly illuminated
  • D either dark or bright depending on the position of S.