NEET Biology - New - Biomolecules

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Question - 1

Which of the following are not polymeric?

  • A Nucleic acids
  • B Proteins
  • C Polysaccharides
  • D Lipids

Question - 2

A typical fat molecule is made up of :

  • A Three glycerol and three fatty acid molecules
  • B Three glycerol molecules and one fatty acid molecule
  • C One glycerol and three fatty acid molecules
  • D One glycerol and one fatty acid molecule

Question - 3

Which biomolecule is correctly characterised?

  • A Lecithin - phosphorylated glyceride found in cell membrane.
  • B Palmitic acid - unsaturated fatty acid with 18 carbon atoms.
  • C Adenylic acid - adenosine with glucose phosphate molecule.
  • D Alanine amino acid - contains an amino acid and an acidic group anywhere in the molecule.

Question - 4

98% of living body is formed of six elements - carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and:

  • A S and Mg
  • B Mg and Na
  • C P and S
  • D Ca and P

Question - 5

The two functional groups characteristic of sugars are:

  • A Carbonyl and Phosphate
  • B Carbonyl and methyl
  • C Hydroxyl and methyl
  • D Carbonyl and hydroxyl

Question - 6

Which one of the following statements is wrong?

  • A Glycine is a sulphur containing amino acid
  • B Sucrose is a disaccharide
  • C Cellulose is a polysaccharide
  • D Uracil is a pyrimidine

Question - 7

Which one of the following is not applicable to RNA:

  • A Chargaffs rule
  • B Complementary base pairing
  • C 5' phosphoryl and 3' hydroxyl ends
  • D Heterocyclic nitrogenous bases

Question - 8

The chitinous exoskeleton of arthropods is formed by the polymerisation of:

  • A Lipoglycans
  • B Keratin sulphate and Chondroitin glucosamine
  • C D-glucosamine
  • D N-acetyl glucosamine

Question - 9

Macromolecule chitin is:

  • A Phosphorus containing polysaccharide
  • B Sulphur containing polysaccharide
  • C Simple polysaccharide
  • D Nitrogen containing polysaccharide

Question - 10

Given below is the diagrammatic representation of one of the categories of small molecular weight organic compounds in the living tissues. Identify the category show and the one blank component 'X' in it,

  • A Category Component Nucleotide Adenine
  • B Category Component Nucleoside Uracil
  • C Category Component Cholesterol Guanine
  • D Category Component Amino acid NH2