NEET Biology - New - Breathing and Exchange of Gases

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Question - 1

Two friends are eating together on a dining table. One of them suddenly starts coughing while swallowing some food. This coughing would have been due to improper movement of 

  • A Diaphragm
  • B Neck
  • C Tongue
  • D Epiglottis

Question - 2

Lungs do not collapse between breathe and some air always remain in the lungs which can never be expelled because:

  • A There is a negative pressure in the lungs
  • B There is a negative intrapleural pressure pulling at the lung walls
  • C There is a positive intrapleural pressure
  • D Pressure in the lungs is higher than the atmospheric pressure

Question - 3

The partial pressure of oxygen in the alveoli of the lungs is:

  • A Equal to that in the blood
  • B More than that in the blood
  • C Less than that in the blood
  • D Less than that of carbon dioxide

Question - 4

What is the vital capacity of our lungs?

  • A Totallungs capacity minus residual volume
  • B Inspiratory reserve volume plus tidal volume
  • C Total lungs capacity minus expiratory reserve volume
  • D Inspiratory reserve volume plus expiratory reserve volume

Question - 5

Which of the following options correctly represents the lung conditions in asthama and emphysema, respectively?

  • A Increased respiratory surface; Inflammation of bronchioles
  • B Increased number of bronchioles; Increased respiratory surface
  • C Inflammation of bronchioles; Decreased respiratory surface
  • D Decreased respiratory surface; Inflammation of bronichioles

Question - 6

Which of the following is an occupational respiratory disorder?

  • A Botulism
  • B Silicosis
  • C Anthracis
  • D Emphysema

Question - 7

Reduction the pH of blood will:

  • A Reduce the blood supply to the brain
  • B Decrease the affinity of haemoglobin with oxygen
  • C Release bicarbonate ions by the liver
  • D Reduce the rate of heartbeat

Question - 8

Name the chronic respiratory disorder caused mainly by cigarette smoking:

  • A Asthma
  • B Respiratory acidosis
  • C Respiratory alkalosis
  • D Emphysema

Question - 9

Name the pulmonary disease in which the alveolar surface area involved in gas exchange is drastically reduced due to damage in the alveolar walls.

  • A Pleurisy
  • B Emphysema
  • C Pneumonia
  • D Asthma

Question - 10

Bulk of carbon dioxide released from body tissues into the blood is present as:

  • A Bicarbonate in blood plasma and RBCs
  • B Free CO2 in blood plasma
  • C 70% carbamino-haemoglobin and 30% as bicarbonate
  • D Carbamino-haemoglobin in RBCs