NEET Biology - New - Cell Cycle And Cell Division

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Question - 1

Which of the following options give the correct sequence of events during mitosis?

  • A condensation > nuclear membrane disassembly > crossing over > segregation > telophase
  • B condensation > nuclear membrane disassembly > arrangement at equator  > centromere division > segregation > telophase
  • C condensation > crossing over > nuclear membrane disassembly > segregation > telophase
  • D condensation > arrangement at equator > centromere division > segregation > telophase

Question - 2

Anaphase Promoting Complex (APC) is a protein degradation machinery necessary for proper mitosis of animal cells. If APC is defective in a human cell, which of the following is expected to occur?

  • A Chromosomes will not condense
  • B Chromosomes will be fragmented
  • C Chromosomes will not segregate
  • D Recombination of chromosome arms will occur

Question - 3

DNA replication in bacteria occurs:

  • A During S-phase
  • B Within nucleolus
  • C Prior to fission
  • D Just before transcription.

Question - 4

When the cell has started DNA replication, which check point should be predominantly activated?

  • A G1/S
  • B G2/M and M
  • C G2/M
  • D M

Question - 5

Spindle fibres attach on to:

  • A Kinetosome of the chromosome
  • B Telomere of the chromosome
  • C Kinetochore of the chromosome
  • D Centromere of the chromosome.

Question - 6

Which of the following is not a characteristic feature during mitosis in somatic cells?

  • A Synapsis
  • B Spindle fibres
  • C Disappearance of nucleolus
  • D Centromere of the chromosome

Question - 7

In S-phase of cell cycle:

  • A Amount of DNA remains same in each cell
  • B Chromosome number is increased
  • C Amount of DNA is reduced to half in each cell
  • D Amount of DNA doubles in each cell

Question - 8

During mitosis, E.R and nucleolus begin todisappear at:

  • A Early metaphase
  • B Late metaphase
  • C Early prophase
  • D Late prophase

Question - 9

Select the correct option with respect to mitosis

  • A Chromatids start moving towards opposite poles in telophase.
  • B Golgi complex and endoplasmic reticulum are still visible at the end of prophase.
  • C Chromosomes move to the spindle equator and get aligned along equatorial plate in metaphase
  • D Chromatids separate but remains in the centre of the cell in anaphase.

Question - 10

The stage during which separation of the paired homologous chromosomes begins is:

  • A Diakinesis
  • B Diplotene
  • C Pachytene
  • D Zygotene.