NEET Biology - New - Human Health and Disease

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Question - 1

In which disease does mosquito transmitted pathogen Causes chronic inflammation of lymphatic vessels?

  • A Ringworm disease
  • B Ascariasis
  • C Elephantiasis
  • D Amoebiasis

Question - 2

Transplantation of tissues/organs fails often due to non-acceptance by the patient's body. Which type of immune-response is responsible for such reflection?

  • A Autoimmune response
  • B Cell-mediated immune response
  • C Hormonal immune response
  • D Physiological immune response

Question - 3

MALT constitutes about ________ per cent of the lymphoid tissue in human body.

  • A 50%
  • B 20%
  • C 70%
  • D 10%

Question - 4

Which of the following set of diseases is caused by bacteria?

  • A Cholera and tetanus
  • B Typhoid and small pox
  • C Tetanus and mumps
  • D Herpes and influenza

Question - 5

Asthma may be attributed to :

  • A Allergic reaction of the mast cells in the lungs
  • B Inflammation of trachea
  • C Accumulation of fluid in lungs
  • D Bacterial infection of the lungs

Question - 6

Antivenom infection contains performed antibodies while polio drops that are administered into the body contain:

  • A Attenuated pathogens
  • B Activated pathogens
  • C Harvested antibodies
  • D Gamma globulin

Question - 7

Match each disease with its correct type of vaccine

(A) Tuberculosis (i) Harmless virus
(B) Whooping cough (ii) Inactivated toxin
(C) Diphtheria (iii) Killed bacteria
(D) Polio (iv) Harmless bacteria
  • A A B C D (ii) (i) (iii) (iv)
  • B A B C D (iii) (ii) (iv) (i)
  • C A B C D (iv) (iii) (ii) (i)
  • D A B C D (i) (ii) (iv) (i)

Question - 8

Infection of Ascaris usually occurs by :

  • A Tse tse fly
  • B Mosquito bite
  • C Drinking water containing eggs of Ascaris
  • D Eating imperfectly cooked pork

Question - 9

Which one of the following statements is correct with respect to immunity?

  • A Preformed antibodies need to be injected to treat the bite by a viper snake
  • B The antibodies against small pox pathogen are produced by 'l-Iymphocytes
  • C Antibodies are protein molecules, each of which has four light chains
  • D Rejection of a kidney graft is the function of B-Iymphocytes

Question - 10

The pathogen Microsporum responsible for ringworm disease in humans belong to the same kingdom of organisms as that of :

  • A Taenia, a tapeworm
  • B Wuchereria, a filarial worm
  • C Rhizopus, a mould
  • D Ascaris, a roundworm