NEET Biology - New - Molecular Basis of Inheritance

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Question - 1

The experimental proof for semi-conservative replication of DNA was first shown in a:

  • A Plant
  • B Bacterium
  • C Fungus
  • D Virus

Question - 2

The final proof for DNA as the genetic material came from the experiments of:

  • A Griffith
  • B Hershey and Chase
  • C Avery, Mcleod and McCarty
  • D Hargobind Khorana

Question - 3

DNA dependent RNA polymerase catalyses transcription on one stand of DNA which is called the

  • A Antistrand
  • B Template strand
  • C Coding strand
  • D Alpha strand

Question - 4

A molecule that can act as a genetic material must fulfill the traits given below, except:

  • A It should be able to generate its replica
  • B It should be unstable structurally and chemically
  • C It should provide the scope for slow changes that are required for evolution
  • D It should be able to express itself in the form of Mendelian characters

Question - 5

Taylor conducted the experiments to prove semiconservative mode of chromosome replication on :

  • A Vicia aba
  • B Drosophila melanogaster
  • C E. coli
  • D Vinca rosea

Question - 6

Which one is not applicable to RNA?

  • A Complementary base pairing
  • B 5'phosphoryl and 3' hydroxyl ends
  • C Heterocyclic nitrogenous bases
  • D Chargaff's rule

Question - 7

The diagram shows an important concept in the genetic implication of DNA. Fill in the blanks A to C.

  • A A-transcription, B-replication, C-James Watson
  • B A-translation, B-transcription, C-Everin Charagaff
  • C A-transcription, B-translation, C-Francis Crick
  • D A-translation, B-extension, C-Rosalind Franklin

Question - 8

Which one is not a part of transcription unit in DNA?

  • A The inducer
  • B Promoter
  • C Terminator
  • D Structural gene

Question - 9

The unequivocal proof of DNA as the genetic material came from studies on a

  • A Viriod
  • B Bacterial virus
  • C Bacterium
  • D Fungus

Question - 10

What is special base sequence of two strands of DNA segment?

5'_GAATTC __ 3'
3'-- CTTAAG ---5'

  • A Start condition at 5' end
  • B Palindromic sequence of bases
  • C Replication completed
  • D Deletion mutation