NEET Biology - New - Neural Control and Coordination

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Question - 1

One of the representatives of phylum Arthropoda is :

  • A Cuttlefish
  • B Silverfish
  • C Pufferfish
  • D Flying fish

Question - 2

When a neuron is in resting state, i.e., not conducting any impulse, then axonal membrane is :

  • A Comparatively more permeable to Na+ ions and nearly impermeable to K+ ions
  • B Equally permeable to both Na + and K+ ions
  • C Impermeable to both Na + and K+ ions
  • D Comparatively more permeable to K+ ions and nearly impermeable to Na + ions

Question - 3

Which of the following structures of regions is incorrectly paired with its function?

  • A  Medulla oblongata controls respiration and cardiovascular reflexes
  • B Corpus callosum band of fibers connecting left and right cerebral hemispheres.
  • C  Hypothalamus production of releasing hormones and regulation of temperature, hunger and thirst.
  • D Limbic system consists of fibre tracts that interconnect different regions of brain; controls movement.

Question - 4

Good vision depends on adequate intake of carotene rich food. Select the best option from the following statements.

  • A Vitamin A derivatives are formed from carotene
  • B The photopigments are embedded in the membrane discs of the inner segment.
  • C Retinal is a derivative of Vitamin A.
  • D Retinal is a light absorbing part of all the visual photopigments

Question - 5

Choose the correct statement:

  • A No receptors respond to changes in pressure
  • B Meissner's corpuscles are thermoreceptors
  • C Photoreceptors in the human eye are depolarised during darkness and become hyperpolarised in response to the light stimulus
  • D Receptors do not produce graded potentials

Question - 6

Photosensitive compound in the human eye is made up of :

  • A Opsin and retinal
  • B Opsin and retinol
  • C Transducin and retinene
  • D Guanosine and retinol

Question - 7

Parts A, B, C and D of the human eye are shown in the diagram. Select the option which gives correct identification along with its functions/characteristics.

  • A A- Retina - contains photoreceptors - rods and cones.
  • B B- Blind spot - has only few rods and cones.
  • C C - Aqueous chamber - reflects the light which does not pass through the lens .
  • D D - Choroid - its anterior part forms ciliary body.

Question - 8

In which animal, nerve cell is present but brain is absent?

  • A Sponge
  • B Honeybee
  • C Cockroach
  • D Hydra

Question - 9

Read the given statements and select the incorrect one.

  • A In Hydra, all neurons are similar and join to form a nerve net.
  • B In earthworms, nervous system consists of a dorsal nerve cord, paired ganglia and segmental nerves.
  • C Brain is present in insects.
  • D Planaria has two nerve cords that join to form rudimentary brain

Question - 10

Neurons in sponges are

  • A unipolar
  • B bipolar
  • C multipolar
  • D absent.