NEET Biology - New - Organisms and Populations

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Question - 1

Consider the following four conditions (i) - (iv) and select the correct pair about desert lizards.
(i) Burrowing in soil to escape high temperature
(ii) Losing heat rapidly from the body during high temperature
(iii) Bask in the sun when the temperature is low
(iv) Insulating body due to thick fatty dermis

  • A (i) and (iv)
  • B (i) and (ii)
  • C (iii) and (iv)
  • D (i) and (iii)

Question - 2

This is a diagrammatic representation of response of organisms to biotic. What do a, b, c represent respectively.

  • A Partial regulator, conformer
  • B Regulator, conformer, partial regulator
  • C Conformer, regulator, partial regulator
  • D Regulator, partial conformer, regulator

Question - 3

Consider the following four statements about certain desert animals such as kangaroo rat:
(i) They have dark colour and high rate of reproduction and excrete solid urine
(ii) They do not drink water, breath at a low rate to conserve water and have their body covered with thick hair.
(iii) They feed on dry seeds and do not require drinking water
(iv) The excrete very concentrated urine and do not use water to regulate body temperature
Which two of the above statements for such animals are true?

  • A (i) and (ii)
  • B (iii) and (iv)
  • C (ii) and (iii)
  • D (iii) and (i)

Question - 4

The Quercus species are dominant component in.

  • A Alpine forests
  • B Scrub forests
  • C Temperate forests
  • D Tropical rain forests

Question - 5

Niche is:

  • A the range of temperature that the organism needs to live
  • B the physical space where an organism lives
  • C all the biological factors in the organism's environment
  • D the functional role played by the organism where it lives

Question - 6

Natality refers to:

  • A Number of individuals leaving the habitat
  • B Birth rate
  • C Death rate
  • D Number of individuals entering a habitat

Question - 7

Which one of the following population interactions is widely used in medical science for the production of antibiotis?

  • A Parasitism
  • B Mutualism
  • C Commensalism
  • D Amensalism

Question - 8

In a growing population of a country,

  • A reproductive and pre-reproductive individuals are equal in number
  • B reproductive individuals are less than the post reproductive individuals
  • C pre-reproductive individuals are more than the reproductive individuals
  • D pre-reproductive individuals are less than the reproductive individuals.

Question - 9

Asymptote in a logistic growth curve is obtained when:
[For logistic growth dN = rN[K-N]/K
If K = N then = K - N/K O, ∴ [dN/dt = 0] = 0

  • A  The value of 'r' approaches zero
  • B K = N
  • C K > N
  • D K < N

Question - 10

The principle of competitive exclusion was enunciated by:

  • A Verhulst and Pearl
  • B C. Darwin
  • C G.F. Gause
  • D Mac Arthur