NEET Biology - New - Reproduction in Organisms

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Question - 1

Offsets are produced by

  • A Parthenocarpy
  • B Mitotic divisions
  • C Meiotic divisions
  • D Parthenogenesis

Question - 2

Which of the following statement(s) is not correct?

  • A Offspring produced by the asexual reproduction are called clones.
  • B Microscopic, motile asexual reproductive structures are called zoospores
  • C In potato, banana, and ginger, the plantlets arise from the internodes present in the modified stem.
  • D Water hyacinth growing in the standing water drains oxygen from water that leads to the death of fishes

Question - 3

Which one of the following is correctly matched?

  • A Onion-Bulb
  • B Ginger-Sucker 
  • C Chlamydomonas-Conidia
  • D Yeast-Zoospores

Question - 4

Vegetative propagation in Pistia occurs by:

  • A stolon
  • B offset
  • C runner
  • D sucker

Question - 5

Which of the following flowers only once in its lifetime?

  • A Mango
  • B Jackfruit
  • C Bamboo species
  • D Papaya

Question - 6

Product of sexual reproduction generally generates

  • A Longer vialability of seeds
  • B Prolonged dormancy
  • C New genetic combination leading to variation
  • D Large biomass

Question - 7

Flowers are unisexual in:

  • A Pea
  • B Cucumber
  • C China rose
  • D Onion

Question - 8

Single celled animals are said to be immortal because

  • A they grow indefinitely in size
  • B they can tolerate any degree of change in temperature
  • C they can reproduce throughout their life span
  • D they continue to live as their daughter cells

Question - 9

Which of the following statements is correct?

  • A All the individuals of a species have exactly the same life span
  • B Smaller organisms always have shorter life span and vice versa
  • C Life span of an organism is the time period from its birth to its natural death
  • D No organism may have a life span of several hundred years

Question - 10

Which of the following has the longest life span?

  • A Banyan tree
  • B Tortoise
  • C Parrot
  • D Elephant