NEET Biology - New - Structural Organisation in Animals

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Question - 1

Smooth muscles are:

  • A involuntary, fusiform, non-striated
  • B voluntary, multinucleate, cylindrical
  • C involuntary, cylindrical, striated
  • D voluntary, spindle-shaped, uninucleate

Question - 2

Which type of tissue is correctly matched with its location?

  • A Tissue Location Areolar tissue Tendons
  • B Tissue Location Transitional epithelium Tip of nose
  • C Tissue Location Cuboidal epithelium Lining of stomach
  • D Tissue Location Smooth muscle Wall of intestine

Question - 3

The function of the gap junction is to :

  • A Perform cementing to keep neighbouring cells together
  • B Facilitate communication between adjoining cells by connecting the cytoplasm for rapid transfer of ions, small molecules and some large molecules
  • C Separate two cells from each other
  • D Stop substance from leaking across a tissue

Question - 4

The supportive skeletal structures in the human external ears and in the nose tip are examples of :

  • A Ligaments
  • B Areolar tissue
  • C Bone
  • D Cartilage

Question - 5

The kind of epithelium which forms the inner walls of blood vessels is :

  • A Cuboidal epithelium
  • B Columnar epithelium
  • C Ciliated epithelium
  • D Squamous epithelium

Question - 6

Which one of the following pairs of structure distinguishes a nerve cell from other types of cell?

  • A Flagellum and medullary sheath
  • B Nucleus and mitochondria
  • C Perikaryon and dendrites
  • D Vacuoles and fibres

Question - 7

Four healthy people in their twenties got involved in injuries resulting in damage and death of a few cells of the following which of the cells are least likely to be replaced by new cells?

  • A Osteocytes
  • B Malpighian layer of skin
  • C Liver cells
  • D Neurons

Question - 8

Which of the following features is used to identity a male cockroach from a female cockroach?

  • A Forewings with darker tegmina
  • B Presence of caudal styles
  • C Presence of boat shaped sternum on the 9th abdominal of anal cerci
  • D Presence of anal cerci

Question - 9

Select the correct route for the passage of sperms in male frogs.

  • A Testes ⟶ Bidder's canal ⟶ Kidney ⟶ Vasa ⟶ efferentia ⟶ Urinogenital duct ⟶ Cloaca
  • B Testes ⟶ Vasa efferentia ⟶ Kidney ⟶ Seminal Vesicles⟶ Urinogenital duct ⟶ cloaca
  • C Testes ⟶ Vasa efferentia ⟶ Bidder's canal ⟶ Ureter ⟶ Cloaca
  • D Testes ⟶ Vasa efferentia ⟶ Kidney-Bidder's canal ⟶ Urinogenital duct ⟶ Cloaca

Question - 10

In male cockroaches, sperms are stored in which part of the reproductive system?

  • A Seminal vesicles
  • B Mushroom glands
  • C Testes
  • D Vas deferens