NEET Biology - New - Transport in Plants

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Question - 1

The water potential of pure water is:

  • A Zero
  • B Less than zero
  • C More than zero but less than one
  • D More than one

Question - 2

Osmotic concentration of a cell kept in water is chiefly regulated by:

  • A Vacuoles
  • B Plastids
  • C Ribosomes
  • D Mitochondria

Question - 3

Which of the following criterion does not pertain to facilitated transport?

  • A requirement of special membrane
  • B High selectivity
  • C Transport saturation
  • D Uphill transport

Question - 4

Which one of the following structures between two adjacent cells is an effective transport pathway?

  • A Plasmalemma
  • B Plasmodesmata
  • C Plastoquinone
  • D Endoplasmic reticulum

Question - 5

Two cells A and B are contiguous. A has OP = 10 atm, TP = 7 atm and DPD = 3 atm. B has OP = 8 atm, TP = 3 atm, DPD = 5 atm. The result would be :

  • A No movement of water
  • B Equilibrium between the two
  • C Movement of water from A to B
  • D Movement of water from B to A

Question - 6

Stomatal movement is not affected by :

  • A O2 concentration
  • B light
  • C Temperature
  • D CO2 concentration

Question - 7

Which of the following facilitates opening of stomatal aperture?

  • A Contraction of outer wall of guard cells
  • B Decrease in turgidity of guard cells
  • C Radial orientation of cellulose microfibrils in the cell wall of guard cells
  • D Longitudinal orientation of cellulose microfibrils in the cell wall of guard cells

Question - 8

Guttation is the result of:

  • A Osmosis
  • B Root pressure
  • C Diffusion
  • D Transpiration

Question - 9

Rupture and fractionation of water column present in tracheary elements does not occur during ascent of sap due to :

  • A Transpiration pull
  • B Weak gravitational pull
  • C Cohesion and adhesion
  • D Lignified thick walls

Question - 10

A few drops of sap were collected by cutting across a plant stem by a suitable method. The sap was tested chemically. Which one of the following test results indicates that it is phloem sap?

  • A Absence of sugar
  • B Acidic
  • C Alkaline
  • D Low refractive index