NEET Chemistry - New - General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

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Question - 1

Considering Ellingham diagram, which of the following metals can be used to reduce alumina?

  • A Mg
  • B Zn
  • C Fe
  • D Cu

Question - 2

Match items of Column I with the items of Column II and assign the correct code:

Column I Column II
(A) Cyanide process (i) Ultrapure Ge
(B) Froth floatation process (ii) Dressing of ZnS
(C) Electrolytic reduction (iii) Extraction of Al
(D) Zone refining (iv) Extraction of Au
  (v) Purification of Ni
  • A A B C D (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
  • B A B C D (iii) (iv) (v) (i)
  • C A B C D (iv) (ii) (iii) (i)
  • D A B C D (ii) (iii) (i) (v)

Question - 3

"Metals are usually not found as nitrates in their ores." Out of the following two (I and II) reasons which is/are true for the above observation?
I. Metal nitrates are highly unstable
II. Metal nitrates are highly soluble in water.

  • A I and II are true
  • B I and II are false
  • C I is false but II is true
  • D I is true but II is false

Question - 4

Roasting of sulphides gives the gas X as a by-product. This is a colourIess gas with chocking smell of burnt sulphur and causes great damage to respiratory organs as a result of acid rain. Its aqueous solution is acidic, acts as a reducing agent and its acid has never been insolated. The gas X is:

  • A H2S
  • B SO2
  • C CO2
  • D SO3

Question - 5

Aluminium is extracted from alumina (Al2O3) by electrolysis of a molten mixture of:

  • A Al2O3 + HF + NaAlF4
  • B Al2O3 + CaF2 + NaAlF4
  • C Al2O3 + Na3AlF6 + CaF2
  • D Al2O3 + KF + Na3AlF6

Question - 6

Which one of the following is a mineral of iron?

  • A Malachite
  • B Cassiterite
  • C Pyrolusite
  • D Magnetite

Question - 7

Which of the following elements is present as the impurity to the maximum extent in the pig iron?

  • A Carbon
  • B Silicon
  • C Phosphorus
  • D Manganese

Question - 8

Sulphide ores of metals are usually concentrated by froth floatation process. Which one of the following sulphide ores offers an exception and is concentration by chemical leaching?

  • A Argentite
  • B Galena
  • C Copper pyrite
  • D Sphalerite

Question - 9

Which of the following statements, about the advantage of roasting of sulphide ore before reduction is not true?

  • A Carbon and hydrogen are suitable reducing agents for metal sulphides
  • B The ∆f G0 of the sulphide is greater than those for CS2 and H2S
  • C The ∆f G0 is negative for roasting of sulphide ore to oxide
  • D Roasting of the sulphide to the oxide is thermodynamically feasible

Question - 10

A solid compound X on heating gives CO2 gas and a residue. The residue mixed with water forms Y. On passing an excess of CO2 through Y in water, a clear solution Z is obtained. On boiling Z, compound X is reformed. The compound X is

  • A Ca(HCO3)2
  • B CaCO3
  • C NaZCO3
  • D K2CO3