NEET Chemistry - New - Hydrogen

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Question - 1

Which of the following statements about hydrogen is incorrect?

  • A Hydronium ion, H3O+ exists freely in solution.
  • B Dihydrogen does not act as a reducing agent.
  • C Hydrogen has three isotopes of which tritium is the most common.
  • D Hydrogen never acts as cation in ionic salts.

Question - 2

Which of the following metal evolves hydrogen on reacting with cold dilute HNO3?

  • A Mg
  • B Al
  • C Fe
  • D Cu

Question - 3

Calgon used as a water softener, is :

  • A Na2[Na4(PO3)6]
  • B Na4[Na2(PO3)6]
  • C Na4[Na4(PO4)5]
  • D Na4[Na2(PO4)6]

Question - 4

The reaction of H2O2 with hydrogen sulphide is an example of .................. reaction:

  • A Addition
  • B Oxidation
  • C Reduction
  • D Acidic

Question - 5

Some statements about heavy water are given below:
(i) Heavy water is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors.
(ii) Heavy water is more associated than ordinary water.
(iii) Heavy water is more effective solvent than ordinary water.
Choose the correct answer:

  • A (i) and (ii)
  • B (i), (ii) and (iii)
  • C (ii) and (iii)
  • D (i) and (iii) 

Question - 6

In what respect electronic configuration of hydrogen and halogens are similar?

  • A Hydrogen and halogens have one electron in their outermost shell.
  • B Hydrogen and halogens have one electron less than the noble gas configuration.
  • C Hydrogen and halogens can lose one electron to form positive ions.
  • D Hydrogen and halogens show noble gas configuration.

Question - 7

Which of the following properties of hydrogen is incorrect?

  • A Like halogens, hydrogen exists as a diatomic gas.
  • B Like halogens, hydrogen exhibits -1 oxidation state in its compounds with metals.
  • C Like halogens, hydrogen is liberated at cathode
  • D The ionisation energy of hydrogen is quite close to halogens.

Question - 8

In which of the following properties hydrogen does not show similarity with alkali metals?

  • A Electropositive character
  • B Reducing nature
  • C Electronic configuration (ns1)
  • D Diatomic nature of molecule

Question - 9

A deuterium is

  • A an electron with a positive charge
  • B a nucleus having two protons
  • C a nucleus containing a neutron and two protons
  • D a nucleus containing a neutron and a proton.

Question - 10

The isotopes of hydrogen have different physical properties due to difference in mass. They have almost same chemical properties with a difference in their rates of reactions which is mainly due to

  • A their different enthalpy of bond dissociation
  • B different electronic configurations
  • C different atomic masses
  • D different physical properties