NEET Physics - New - Kinetic Theory

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Question - 1

Which one of the following graphs represent the behaviour of an ideal gas?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Question - 2

The number of molecules in V litre of a gas NTP is

  • A \({N_0\over 22.4}\times V\)
  • B \({22.4\over N_0 }\times V\)
  • C \(N_0\times 22.4\over V\)
  • D \(N_0 \times V \times 22.4\)

Question - 3

1L of hydrogen and 1L of oxygen are given at NTP.Which of them are correct?

  • A Hydrogen has larger number of moles
  • B Oxygen has larger number of moles
  • C Both have same number of moles
  • D None of the above

Question - 4

Real gas behaves as an ideal gas at

  • A high temperature and high pressure
  • B low temperature and high pressure
  • C low pressure and high temperature
  • D low pressure and low temperature

Question - 5

An ideal gas is

  • A one which consists of massless particles
  • B one satisfying assumption of kinetic theory
  • C a gas consisting small particles
  • D one that consists of molecules

Question - 6

In an ideal gas without preferred direction of motion molecules,

  • A \(v_x=v_y=v_z\)
  • B \(v_x^2=v_x^y=v_z^2\)
  • C \(\overset{-}{v}_x^2=\overset{-}{v}_y^2=\overset{-}{v}_z^2\)
  • D None of the above

Question - 7

Pressure of an ideal gas is increases by keeping temperature constant.What is effect on kinetic energy of molecules?

  • A Increase
  • B Decrease
  • C No change
  • D Cannot be determined

Question - 8

The average kinetic energy of a gas molecule at 270C is 6.2x10-21J. Its average kinetic energy at 1270C will be

  • A 12.2x10-21J
  • B 8.28x10-21J
  • C 10.35x10-21J
  • D 11.35x10-21J

Question - 9

Ratio of Vmp (most probable speed), Vav (average speed), Vrms (root mean square speed) of gas molecules are related as

  • A \(\sqrt{3}:\sqrt{2}:\sqrt{8\over \pi}\)
  • B \(2:\sqrt{3}:\sqrt{\pi\over8}\)
  • C \(\sqrt{2}:\sqrt{3}:\sqrt{8\over\pi}\)
  • D \(\sqrt{2}:\sqrt{8\over\pi}:\sqrt{3}\)

Question - 10

The root mean square (rms) speed of oxygen molecule (O2 )at a certain temperature T is V.If temperature is doubled and oxygen gets dissociated into atomic oxygen, what is speed of atomic oxygen?

  • A 2v
  • B 3v
  • C v/2
  • D 5v