NEET Physics - New - Optics

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Question - 1

The bending of beam of light around corners of obstacles is called:

  • A Reflectio
  • B Diffraction
  • C Refraction
  • D Interference

Question - 2

The penetration of light into the region of geometrical shadow is call :

  • A Polarization
  • B Interference
  • C Diffraction
  • D Refraction

Question - 3

Red light is generally used to observe diffraction pattern from single slit. If blue light is used instead of red light, then diffraction pattern :

  • A Willbe clearer
  • B Will contract
  • C Will expanded
  • D Will not be visualiaes

Question - 4

Diffraction and interference of light suggest

  • A Nature of light is electro-magnetic
  • B Wave nature
  • C Nature is quantum
  • D Nature of light is transv

Question - 5

To observe diffraction the size of an obstacle

  • A Should be of the same order as wavelength
  • B Should be much larger than the wavelength
  • C Have no relation to wave
  • D Should be exactly λ/2

Question - 6

A polariser is used to

  • A Reduce intensity of light
  • B Produce polarised light
  • C Increase intensity of light
  • D Produce unpolarised light

Question - 7

Light waves can be polarised as they are

  • A Transverse
  • B of high frequency
  • C Longitudinal
  • D Reflected

Question - 8

Through which character we can distinguish the light waves from sound waves

  • A Interference
  • B Refraction
  • C Polarisation
  • D Reflection

Question - 9

A polaroid is placed at 45° to an incoming light of intensity 10. Now the intensity of light passing through polaroid after polarization would be :

  • A 10
  • B I0/2
  • C I04
  • D Zero

Question - 10

Out of the following statements which is not correct?

  • A When unpolarised light passes through a Nic prism, the emergent light is elliptically polarized
  • B Nicol's prism works on the principle of double refraction and total internal reflection
  • C Nicol's prism can be used to produce and analyze polarized lig
  • D Calcite and Quartz are both doubly refracting crystals