NTSE - Scholastic Aptitude Test - Social Science - Geography - Water Resources and Agriculture

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Question - 1

Which one of the following multipurpose river valley project is constructed on River Mahanadi?

  • A Tehri
  • B Hirakud
  • C Rana Pratap Sagar
  • D ThungaBhadra

Question - 2

What is the name given to the diversion channels of the western Himalayas?

  • A Guls or Kuls
  • B Khadins
  • C Johads
  • D Phalodi

Question - 3

What is the name given to the agricultural fields, which were converted in to rain fed storage structures, in the semi-arid regions of Rajasthan?

  • A Khadins
  • B Tankas
  • C Kuls
  • D Guls

Question - 4

What is Palar Pani as referred by the people of Rajasthan?

  • A Milk
  • B River water
  • C Spring water
  • D Rain Water

Question - 5

Which one of the following states has made roof rainwater harvesting compulsory for all the houses across the state?

  • A Kerala
  • B Rajasthan
  • C Tamil Nadu
  • D Haryana

Question - 6

Which one of the river valley project has been constructed on River Satluj?

  • A Tehri
  • B Salal
  • C Rana Pratap Sagar
  • D Bhakra Nangal

Question - 7

Which dam is built on River Krishna?

  • A Periyar
  • B Mettur
  • C Nagarjuna Sagar
  • D Hirakud

Question - 8

Which one of the following place has earned the rare distinction of being rich in harvested rainwater?

  • A Gendathur
  • B Phalodi
  • C Bikaner
  • D Barmer

Question - 9

Which one of the following statement is true for a Multipurpose river valley project?

  • A It can store the entire rain water received in a region
  • B It fragment rivers, which makes it difficult for aquatic fauna to migrate
  • C It will not affect the cropping pattern of a region
  • D It will not affect the natural flow of a river

Question - 10

Narmada Bachavo Andolan was a

  • A Social movement
  • B Industrial workers movement
  • C Movement for the construction of dam
  • D Water movement