NTSE - Scholastic Aptitude Test - Social Science - History - Nazism and Rise of Hitler

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Question - 1

Which of the following can best define Nazism?

  • A Hitler's determination to make Germany a great nation
  • B Extermination of Jews
  • C A system, a structure of ideas about the world and politics
  • D Hitler's ambition of conquering the world

Question - 2

Allied Powers in World War II:

  • A Germany, Italy, Japan
  • B Germany, Italy, Turkey
  • C UK, France, Italy
  • D UK, France, USSR, USA

Question - 3

Which nations were the Axis powers during World War II?

  • A UK, France, USA, USSR
  • B UK, France, Japan
  • C Germany, Italy, Japan
  • D Germany, France, UK

Question - 4

The International War Tribunal was set up in:

  • A Vienna
  • B Munich
  • C Nuremberg
  • D Auschwitz

Question - 5

World War II began with German invasion of:

  • A Poland
  • B Belgium
  • C Austria
  • D Czechoslovakia

Question - 6

Which among the following was the single most important factor in the victory ofAllied powers in World War II?

  • A Alliance of England, France and Russia
  • B US entry in 1917
  • C Russian Revolution of 1917
  • D Axis Powers

Question - 7

Who among the given were called "November Criminals"?

  • A Bolsheviks
  • B Jews
  • C Nazis
  • D Socialists, Catholics and Democrats

Question - 8

Who were the 'desirables'?

  • A Nordic German Aryans
  • B Jews
  • C Indo Aryans
  • D Gypsies

Question - 9

Who among the following topped the list of undesirables'?

  • A Blacks
  • B Jews
  • C Gypsies
  • D Nordic Aryans

Question - 10

Which of the given parties came to be known as Nazi Party?

  • A German Workers Party
  • B Socialist Democratic Party
  • C National Socialist German Workers Party
  • D Socialist Party