NTSE - Scholastic Aptitude Test - Social Science - History - Print Culture and Novels of World

Question - 1

The novel that generally reflected the inner and outer world of the newly emerging middle class is:

  • A Chandrakanta
  • B Pariksha guru
  • C Sewasadan
  • D Godan

Question - 2

Who is the author of Mayor of Caster bridge?

  • A Jule Verne
  • B Thomas Hardy
  • C Charles Dickens
  • D Jane Austin

Question - 3

Which was the first historical novel written in Bengali?

  • A Anandamath
  • B Sultana's Dream
  • C Durgeshnandini
  • D Anguriya Binimoy

Question - 4

Which of the following best explains the term "dastan"?

  • A Tradition of prose tales of adventure and heroism in Persian and Urdu
  • B Long stories of love written in Hindi
  • C Poem depicting nature written in Urdu
  • D None of the above

Question - 5

A format of novel in which the story is published in instalment is known as:

  • A epistolary novel
  • B continuous novel
  • C serialised novel
  • D none of the above

Question - 6

Mary Ann Evans is the real name of which of the following authors?

  • A Jane Austin
  • B Thomas Hardy
  • C George Eliot
  • D R.L. Stevenson

Question - 7

The form of writing used to criticize the society in a clever and witty manner is called:

  • A tragedy
  • B Comedy
  • C Satire
  • D anthology

Question - 8

Which of the following emphasized the need for reform of women related problems?

  • A Padmarag
  • B Sultana's dream
  • C Chandrakanta
  • D Indulekha

Question - 9

Who is the pioneer of modern Hindi Literature?

  • A Bharatendu Harishchandra
  • B Srinivas Das
  • C Devaki Nandan Khatri
  • D Munshi Premchand

Question - 10

In the early decades of 20th century the most important reason for the popularity of novels among women was:

  • A that novels presented a new conception of women hood
  • B because women were fond of love stories
  • C the women wanted to read the books written by women author
  • D more and more women were literate enough to read novels