SAT - Science - Biology - Excretion

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Question - 1

A person lias taken very high protein rich diet, his urine will eliminate more of 

  • A Urea
  • B Creatinine
  • C Glucose
  • D Glycogen

Question - 2

Vertebrates. kidney and contractile vacuole of protozoans resembles as both exrete? 

  • A Minerals
  • B Water
  • C Glucose
  • D Nitrogenous waste

Question - 3

Excess bile pigments in urine indicate

  • A Anaemia
  • B Diabetes insipidus
  • C Jaundice
  • D All of these

Question - 4

Deamination is first step in urea fomiation which means

  • A reduction of ammonia
  • B oxidation of ammonia
  • C addition of amino group to organic molecules
  • D removal of amino group- from amino acid

Question - 5

Major source of ammonia produced by kidney comes from?

  • A Leucine
  • B Glycine
  • C Glutamine
  • D Alanine

Question - 6

Deamination is the process in which 

  • A Poisonous urea is removed from the blood and it occurs in kidney
  • B Amino acid are absorbed from digested food, and it occurs in intestinal wall
  • C Amino acids are broken down to produce urea and it
  • D Amino acids are synthesised and it occurs is ribosomes

Question - 7

Excretion of nitrogenous waste product mainly as uric acid by birds is helpful in 

  • A Conserving body heat
  • B Conserving water
  • C Eliminating excess water
  • D Eliminating excess body heat

Question - 8

Which of the following is likely to accumulate in dangerous proportion in the blood of a person whose kidney is not working 'properly?

  • A Lysine
  • B Urea
  • C Ammonia
  • D Sodium chloride

Question - 9

Which one of the following substance is generally not filtered from the blood by the kidney?

  • A Plasma Proteins
  • B Water
  • C Glucose
  • D Urea

Question - 10

Which of the following structures facilitates easy passage of small molecules to the golmerulus capsule? 

  • A Loop of the nephron
  • B Peritubular capillary
  • C Convoluted Tubule
  • D Glomerulus