SAT - Science - Biology - Soil

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Question - 1

What is soil horizon?

  • A A factor influenzing how soil is formed
  • B A layer of soil
  • C An organism. found with in the soil
  • D A technique used to map soil

Question - 2

Why organic matter is an important part of soil?

  • A It helps to improve water infiltration
  • B It can break down organic pollutants
  • C It converts nitrogen in the air into nitrates used by plants
  • D It is rich in nutrients, which is important for fertility

Question - 3

Which type of soil has a high level of salt and can support only limited vegetation?

  • A Polar soil
  • B A desert soil
  • C A temperate soil
  • D A tropical soil

Question - 4

Soil that has been moved to a location away from its parent rock is called ________

  • A Transported soil
  • B Soil profile
  • C Organic-rich soil
  • D Residual soil

Question - 5

A soil with a dark brown or black colour is indicative of ______?

  • A Excessive leaching
  • B Considerable organic matter content
  • C Poor drainage
  • D Good drainage

Question - 6

Which of the following factors would increases the rate of weathering?

  • A Increase rainfall
  • B Increasing temperature
  • C Increasing orgariic activity
  • D All of these

Question - 7

Which of the following minerals stable at the Earth's Surface?

  • A Haematite
  • B Mica
  • C Olivine
  • D Felspar

Question - 8

Which of the term geologists use for the layer of loose, heterogeneous weather material lying on top of the bedrock?

  • A Humus
  • B Laterite
  • C Regolith
  • D Soil

Question - 9

What is the name for soil that are rich in calcium?

  • A Laterites
  • B Evaporites
  • C Pedocals
  • D Pedalfers

Question - 10

Cultivation of which crops improved fertility of soil?

  • A Wheat and maize
  • B Fodder crops
  • C Turnip and potatoes
  • D Turnip and clover