SAT - Science - Chemistry - Chemical Reactions and Equations

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Question - 1

Fe2O3(s) + 2 AI (s) ➝ 2Fe (s) + Al2O3 (s)
The reaction is interpreted as

  • A Fe203is getting oxidised and AI is getting reduced
  • B Fe2.O3 is getting reduced and AI is getting oxidised
  • C Only Fe2.03is oxidised
  • D Only Al is oxidised

Question - 2

An example for a displacement reaction is

  • A Fe2.03+ 3C ➝ 2 Fe + 3CO
  • B 2NaCI+ F2 ➝ 2NaF + Cl2
  • C AgN03+ KCI ➝ AgCI + KN03
  • D both B and C

Question - 3

The metal which can displace Ag from its salt solution is

  • A Cu
  • B Au
  • C Fe
  • D both A and C

Question - 4

Zincgranulesare added to blue coloured CuS04 solution ina test tube. Which of the following observations is correct?

  • A Blue colour of the solution fades
  • B Blue colour of the solution intensifies
  • C No change in the colour of the solution
  • D Blue colour of the solution changes to green

Question - 5

In the reaction 3Mg + S02  ➝ 2MgO + MgS, Mg acts as

  • A an oxidising agent
  • B reducing agent
  • C oxidising as well as reducing agent
  • D It is not a redox reaction

Question - 6

Identify the correct colour change in the following displacement reaction.
Fe (s) + CuS04 (aq) ➝ FeS04 (aq) + Cu (s)

  • A Blue to white
  • B Blue to black
  • C Blue to pale green
  • D White to blue

Question - 7

Compound (X) on thermal decompositon produces a brown coloured gas (X) is

  • A Fe2(S04)3
  • B Mg C03
  • C NaN03
  • D Pb(NO3)2

Question - 8

White washing with slaked lime gives a shiny appearance to the walls after two to three days. It is due to the formation of

  • A CaO
  • B CaCO3
  • C Ca(OH)2
  • D None of the above

Question - 9

Metal X forms a chloride Y,which is used in black and white photography. Yturns grey in sunlight, to give X and a gas Z. X, Yand Z respectively are

  • A AgCI. Ag, Cl2
  • B AgCl, Cl2.Ag
  • C Ag, AgCI. Cl2
  • D Cl2, Ag, AgCI

Question - 10

The reaction between methane and oxygen can be represented as
CH4(g) + 202(g) ➝ CO2(g) + 2H2O + Heat
In which of t.he following type(s), the above reaction can be classified?
i. Displacement reaction
ii. Exotherraic reaction
iii. Combusion
iv. Combination reaction

  • A (i) and (ii)
  • B (i), (ii) and (iii)
  • C (ii) and (iii)
  • D (ii), (iii) and (iv)