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Question - 1

Identify the substance which has highest boiling point

  • A Rain water
  • B Sea water
  • C Distilled water
  • D Ethanol

Question - 2

Two beakers A and B contain distilled water. 0.2 g NaCI is added to the beaker A and both the samples allowed to freeze at the same experimental conditions. It is
observed that

  • A Freezing points of A and B are same
  • B A freezes at a higher temperature than B
  • C A freezes at a lower temperature than B
  • D None of the above

Question - 3

Boiling point of four liquids A; B, C and D are given. Arrange them in the decreasing order of the intermolecular force of attraction.
1. 33°C
2. 175°C
3. 100°C
4. 72°C

  • A 2>3>4>1
  • B 1>4>3>2
  • C 2<3<4<1
  • D 2<3<1<4

Question - 4

Boiling point generally as the molecular weight increases. But boiling point of water (Mol. mass = 18) is 100GC where as H2S (Mol. mass 34) is a gas. Based
on the given data identify the correct statements.

  • A Intermolecular force of attraction between the molecules of water is higher than that of H2S
  • B Molecules of water are associated by strong hydrogen bonding
  • C Both A and B
  • D Neither A nor B

Question - 5

Which of the following is true about the two statements
Statement I: Use of pressure cooker reduces the cooking time.
Statement II: Pressure is low·inside the cooker, hence cooking temperature is higher

  • A I and II are correct and II is the correct explanation of I
  • B I and II are correct but II is not the correct explanation of I
  • C I is correct but II is wrong
  • D I is wrong but II is correct

Question - 6

Cooling sensation produced by alcohol is more than that of water. Which of the following statement is correct about this?

  • A Alcohol is less volatile than water
  • B Intermolecular force is less in alcohol than in water
  • C Intermolecular force is less in water than in alcohol
  • D All of the above

Question - 7

Freezing mixture used for the preservation of fish and meat is made by mixing of ice and common salt in the ratio 3 : 1. The purpose of adding salt to ice is

  • A to increase the melting point of ice
  • B to decrease the melting point of ice
  • C to absorb the water formed during the melting of ice
  • D to increase the density of ice

Question - 8

During the process of boiling, temperature of the liquid

  • A decreases
  • B increases
  • C remains constant
  • D first decreases then increase

Question - 9

Which of the following statements is not true?

  • A The rate of evaporation is more in coastal area than in non-coastal area.
  • B Rate of evaporation is more in hot sunny days than in rainy days
  • C Water kept in earthern pot gets cooled due to the evaporation of water from inside the pot.
  • D Pure solvent freezes at a higher temperature than solution

Question - 10

The kinetic energy of the gas molecules decrease with

  • A increase in temperature
  • B decrease in temperature
  • C temperature independent
  • D None of the above