SAT - Science - Chemistry - Metals and Non-Metals

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Question - 1

Identify the correct statement.

  • A Cryolite is an ore of mercury
  • B Sulphide ores are-converted into oxide by the process of calcination
  • C Zinc oxide is reduced to metallic zinc using carbon as reducing agent
  • D The impurities associated with ore are called flux

Question - 2

The composition of thermit mixture is

  • A Manganese dioxide and Aluminium powder
  • B Iron (II) oxide and Aluminium powder
  • C Iron (III) oxide and Aluminium powder
  • D Chromium trioxide and Aluminium powder

Question - 3

Which of the following is not a purification method?

  • A Electrolytic process
  • B Froth floatation
  • C Oxidation

Question - 4

The metals which form amphoteric oxides are

  • A Zn and Mg
  • B Al and Mg
  • C Zn and Al
  • D Zn, Al and Mg

Question - 5

Which of the following statement is wrong about electrovalent compounds?

  • A They are soluble in polar solvents
  • B They conduct electricity in molten state due to the presence of free electrons
  • C They have high melting points
  • D Cations and anions in, electrovalent compounds are held together by strong electrostatic force of attraction

Question - 6

Match the following

List I List II
a. Bismuth 1. Soft metal
b. Platinum 2. Poor conductor of electricity
c. Potassium 3. Low melting point but high boiling point
d. Gallium 4. Noble metal
  • A a b c d 2 4 1 3
  • B a b c d 2 1 4 3
  • C a b c d 2 3 1 4
  • D a b c d 3 4 1 2

Question - 7

Which of the following reactants will undergo displacement reactions?
i. FeSO4 Solution and Zinc metal
ii. CuSO4 Solution and Silver metal
iii. NaCl Solution and Br2 water
iv. ZnSO4 Solution and aluminum metal

  • A I only
  • B ii only
  • C ii and iii
  • D i and iv

Question - 8

The suitable method to prevent corrosion of iron containers which are used to preserve edible food materials like meat and vegetables is

  • A Galvanization
  • B Tinning
  • C Painting
  • D All the above

Question - 9

Which of the following is an oxidising agent?

  • A Na
  • B Cs
  • C Ca
  • D F2

Question - 10

The oxide which reacts with acids as well as bases is

  • A Na2O
  • B CuO
  • C MgO
  • D ZnO