SAT - Science - Physics - Heat

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Question - 1

When the temperature increases the density of a substance

  • A decreases
  • B increases
  • C first increase then decreases
  • D first decrease then increases

Question - 2

Two spheres of the same size are made of the same metaI, but one is hollow and the other is solid. When they are heated to the same temperature

  • A solid sphere will expand more
  • B hollow sphere will expand more
  • C only the solid sphere will expand
  • D both spheres will expand almost equally

Question - 3

With the increase of temperature, coefficient of linear expansion always

  • A increases
  • B double itself
  • C decreases
  • D remains the same

Question - 4

The rate of evaporation of water when it is placed under partial vacuum without changing the temperature will

  • A drop to zero
  • B decrease
  • C increase
  • D remain unaffected

Question - 5

When water is heated from 00C, its volume

  • A remains the same
  • B decrease till 40C
  • C increases
  • D first increases then decreases

Question - 6

Steam at 100°C causes more severe burns than water at the same temperature because

  • A steam gives more heat
  • B steam cannot do work
  • C steam is a gas
  • D steam is highly combustible

Question - 7

When salt is properly mixed with ice, the melting point of ice

  • A lowered
  • B raised
  • C becomes infinite
  • D remains the same

Question - 8

Glaciers always melt first at the

  • A top surface
  • B sides
  • C bottom
  • D middle surface

Question - 9

When the coffee in thermos flask is vigorously shaken then the temperature of the coffee will

  • A fall
  • B increase slightly
  • C remain the same
  • D never be determined

Question - 10

When an inflated tyre bursts, the air escaping out

  • A will be liquified
  • B will be heated
  • C will be cooled
  • D will not undergo any change