SAT - Science - Physics - Work and Energy

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Question - 1

A car is moving along a straight level road with constant speed. Then

  • A he work done on the car is infinite
  • B the work done on the car is zero
  • C the work done on the car is a measure of gravitational potential energy
  • D the work done on the car cannot be found

Question - 2

The K.E of a body is increased most by doubling its

  • A mass
  • B density
  • C speed
  • D weight

Question - 3

A body is dropped from a certain height from the ground. When it is halfway down, it possesses

  • A only K.E
  • B only P.Ezero energy
  • C zero energy
  • D both K.E and P.E

Question - 4

A body moves through a distance of 4 m in the following different ways. In which case the maximum work is done?

  • A When pushed over an inclined plane
  • B When lifted vertically upward
  • C When pushed over smooth roller
  • D When pushed on a plane horizontal surface

Question - 5

A body of mass 20 kg is dropped from a height of 2m. If g is taken to be equal to 10 m/s2, the kinetic energy of body, just before striking the ground, will be

  • A 400 J
  • B 4 J
  • C 40 J
  • D none of these

Question - 6

The energy required to raise a given volume of water from a well can be

  • A mega watts
  • B mega newton
  • C mega joules
  • D kilo watts

Question - 7

Two bodies of equal weight are kept at height h and 1.5h respectively. The ratio their P.E is

  • A 3:2
  • B 2:3
  • C 1:1
  • D none of these

Question - 8

A flying aeroplane has

  • A only potential energy
  • B only kinetic energy
  • C both potential and kinetic energy
  • D none of these

Question - 9

Which of the following graphs best represents the graphical relation between momentum (P) and kinetic energy (K) for a body in motion?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Question - 10

In which of the following cases will the work done be maximum if the body is moved through a distance S on the ground?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D