Biology - Biotechnology and Its Applications

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Question - 1

All are the biotechnological applications in order to increase food production except

  • A apiculture
  • B agro-chemical based agriculture
  • C organic farming
  • D genetically engineered crop-based agriculture

Question - 2

Agrochemical based agriculture includes

  • A fertilisers and pesticides
  • B genetically modified crops
  • C RNA interference
  • D all of these

Question - 3

Though Green Revolution has been a resounding success in terms of agricultural production, yet it has failed in its overall social objectives because

  • A it has not succeeded in making India totally and permanently self-sufficient in food
  • B use of agrochemicals becomes very expensive for Indian farmers as well as these have harmful effects on environment
  • C in regional terms, only Punjab and Haryana states, and the eastern plains of river Ganges in West Bengal state, showed reasonably good results, but results were less impressive in other parts of India
  • D all of these

Question - 4

Study the following statements regarding organic farming and select the correct ones.
(i) It utilises genetically modified crops like Bt cotton.
(ii) It uses only naturally produced inputs like compost and biofertilisers.
(iii) It does not use pesticides and urea.
(iv) It produces vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • A (i) and (ii)
  • B (iii) and (iv)
  • C (ii) and (iii)
  • D (ii), (iii) and (iv)

Question - 5

Which of the following statements is not correct regarding the genetic modification of crops?

  • A It makes crops more tolerant to abiotic stresses
  • B It results in decreased efficiency of mineral usage by plants
  • C It helps to reduce post harvest losses
  • D It enhances the nutritional value of food

Question - 6

'Golden rice' developed through transgene approach is enriched with

  • A high lysine content
  • B high methionine content
  • C high glutenin content
  • D high vitamin A content

Question - 7

Select the correct statement regarding an improved variety of transgenic basmati rice i.e., golden rice

  • A It does not require the use of chemical fertilisers
  • B It is completely resistant to all insect pests and diseases.
  • C It gives high yield but no characteristic aroma
  • D It gives high yield and is rich in vitamin A

Question - 8

Golden rice is yellow in colour due to the presence of

  • A riboflavins
  • B β-carotene
  • C vitamin B1
  • D complex genetic material

Question - 9

A transgenic food crop which may help in solving the problem of night blindness in developing countries is

  • A Bt cotton
  • B golden rice
  • C Flavr Savr
  • D Bt corn

Question - 10

Bt toxin gene has been cloned from the bacteria and expressed in plants to provide resistance to insects without the need for insecticides. Examples of such plants are

  • A cotton and corn
  • B rice and potato
  • C tomato and soybean
  • D all of these