Biology - Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

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Question - 1

Which one is regarding flower from the biological point of view?

  • A flowers are object of ornamental view
  • B flowers are in intimate relationship with human beings
  • C flowers are in intimate relationship with human beings
  • D flowers are morphological embryological marvel and the sites of sexual reproduction

Question - 2

Consider the following statements for correctness
i.much before the flowers are flower are seen in a plant, the decision that the plant is going to have flower
ii.Several changes in hormones and structure is initiated
iii.the floral primordium develop by the differentiation of tissues

  • A i & ii correct
  • B ii & ii correct
  • C i & iii correct
  • D i,ii & ii correct

Question - 3

The parts of androecium is as follows except

  • A stamen
  • B style
  • C filament
  • D anther

Question - 4

The sequence of development of flower from outside is

  • A sepal\(\rightarrow \) petals\(\rightarrow \)stamens\(\rightarrow \) carpels
  • B petals\(\rightarrow \) sepals \(\rightarrow \) stamens\(\rightarrow \) carpels
  • C petals\(\rightarrow \)sepals\(\rightarrow \) carpels.\(\rightarrow \)stamens
  • D sepals\(\rightarrow \)perals\(\rightarrow \)carpels.\(\rightarrow \)stamens

Question - 5

Morphologically the flower is considered as a

  • A root
  • B shoot
  • C leaf
  • D fruit

Question - 6

The cultivation of flower yielding and other ornamental plants is called

  • A tissue culture
  • B hebriculture
  • C horticulture
  • D floriculture

Question - 7

The male reproductive whorl of the flower is

  • A stamen
  • B carpel
  • C calyx
  • D corolla

Question - 8

An axis bearing a cluster of flowers is called

  • A floral bud
  • B floral primordium
  • C inflorescence
  • D petiole

Question - 9

Which one is wrong statement?

  • A a typical anther consists of a slender stalk called filament
  • B the terminal bilobed structure of stalk is anther
  • C the terminal bilobed structure of stalk is anther
  • D a transverse groove runs across and separates the theca of each lobe

Question - 10

The proximal end of filament is attached to the thalamus or the petal of the flower. This condition is called

  • A pre petalous
  • B epipetalous
  • C post petalous
  • D hypopetalous