General English - Literature - Appreciation Questions from Poerty

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Question - 1

"Yes: quaint and curious war is!"
The speaker is

  • A D.H Lawrence
  • B Rudyard Kipling
  • C Thomas Hardy
  • D H.W Long Fellow

Question - 2

"Learn to labor and to wait"
Message for the youth in this lines is to learn to work

  • A family members
  • B relatives
  • C very close people
  • D A & B

Question - 3

"To live unknown beyond the cherished circle".'Cherished circle' means

  • A family members
  • B relatives
  • C very close relatives
  • D all the above

Question - 4

"You blossomed into a nascent loveliness"
'you' refers to

  • A kananada
  • B English
  • C French
  • D Hindi

Question - 5

"O tongues of fire! you came devouring forests of nightshade, creepers that enmesh" Here devouring means

  • A absorbing
  • B destroying
  • C creating
  • D none of these

Question - 6

"And departing leave behind us footprints on the sands of the time"........... leaves the footprint.

  • A The great woman
  • B The great man
  • C The child
  • D The Angel

Question - 7

"I thought how party,how vulgar,what a mean act!"
The mean act was...........

  • A The hitting of snake
  • B The killing of snake
  • C The discover of snake
  • D The saving of snake

Question - 8

"I thought how palrtry, how vulgar,
What a mean act!".I refer to---------

  • A H.W Long Fellow
  • B Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • C D.H Lawrence
  • D Rudyard Kipling

Question - 9

"How glad! I wish he had come like a guest in quiet", to drink at my water-through
And depart peaceful................ The snake is compared to

  • A Family member
  • B guest
  • C relative
  • D close friend

Question - 10

"Be not like dumb, driven cattle!" be a hero in the strife!"

  • A Peaceful
  • B Joyful
  • C Struggles
  • D stress