General English - Literature - Comprehension Questions from Motivational Essays

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Question - 1

Saruli crawled under the covers and clung to her mother when she heard the thunder. A peculiar crack-crack-snap was followed by a tremendous crash; as though a giant had fallen to the ground. The storm raged all night. When the storm raged?

  • A The storm raged in all night
  • B The storm raged in all days
  • C The storm raged both in day and night
  • D The storm raged neither night nor day

Question - 2

At this time lighting flashed and wind howled like a demon.The next morning she saw it for herself.Saruli was stunned. Half the jungles were seemed bare. How the wind howle like?

  • A The wind howled like a Tsunami
  • B The wind howled like a demon
  • C The wind howled like a big cyclone 
  • D The wind howled like an nuclear tragedy

Question - 3

When Saruli saw the trees she was shocked. The wind was strong, very strong. But was it powerful enough to knock down these enormous pines. How the wind was?

  • A The wind is not that much strong
  • B The wind is very slow
  • C The wind was very strong
  • D The wind is neither strong nor slow

Question - 4

Most of the people from the small hillside village were there, foraging for branches and dragging them away. But Saurli, a wing girl of 13, stood there stunned. What is the age of girl?

  • A The age of Saruli is 12
  • B The age of wing girl saruli is 14
  • C The age of Saruli is 16
  • D The age of Saruli is 13

Question - 5

'A real contrast to the forest near their village which was full of fresh grass and shrubs. When she gripped with fear Saruli was thinking of the barren hillside across the valley. What Saruli was thinking when she gripped with fear?

  • A Saruli was thinking about her friends
  • B Saruli was thinking about her teachers
  • C Saruli was thinking of barren hillside across the valley
  • D Saruli was not thinking anything

Question - 6

Saruli gathered a large bundle, on her way back, she passed Diwan Singh's house. The old man was seated outside. Whenever she heard the thunder she clung to her mother. What will be the Saruli's reaction whenever she heard the thunder?

  • A Whenever she heard the thunder she clung to her mother
  • B Whenever she heard the thunder she goes to sleep
  • C Whenever she heard the thunder saruli will watch T.V.
  • D Whenever she cames to heard the thunder she start reading

Question - 7

Old Diwan singh was the headman of his village "It was to be expected, he said slowly, "The trees have been totally hallowed by the resin tappers. Who is the headman of village?

  • A Bhagat singh was headman of his village
  • B Old Diwan singh was the headman of his village
  • C Thomas moody was the headman of his village
  • D Joseph James was the headman of his village

Question - 8

I wondered how so many trees had fallen down". Diwan singh said, "first they only made one cut on the trees to tap resin. Now they keep on making gashes till the trees are ulterly drained. When she heard this Saruli's brown eyes were opened widely. How Saruli reacted on this occasion?

  • A Saruli's black eyes opened
  • B Saruli's angry eyes opened
  • C Saruli's white eyes opened
  • D Saruli's brown eyes opened

Question - 9

"Even a moderately strong wind can blow them over, they are so dry," can't ... can't someone stop them? Saruli asked, horrified. Diwan sighed who can stop them, girl? The contractors are rich, influential people. They pay a lot of money to tap the trees. How the contractors to be with the government?

  • A They pay a lot of money to trap the trees
  • B The contractors are very poor
  • C The contractors have not any influence on govt.
  • D The pay a lot of cosmetics to trap the trees

Question - 10

Diwan singh told Saruli, "when I was a boy this was a forest of oak and deodar. The British government cut them down and planted pines" He was growing saplings no the baby pines which sprang up themselves in the rains, but shoots of oak and deodar. Who is small when a forest is full of oak and deodar?

  • A When Saruli was small girl this forest was full of oak
  • B When Diwan singh was a boy this forest full of oak and deodar
  • C There is no forest when Diwan singh was a boy
  • D There is no forest when Saruli was a small girl