Physics - Electric Charges and Fields

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Question - 1

There are two types of electric charges positive charges and negative charges. The property which differentiates the two types of charges is

  • A field of charge 
  • B amount of charge
  • C strength of charge
  • D polarity of charge

Question - 2

What will happen when we rub a glass rod with silk cloth?

  • A Some of the electrons from the glass rod are transferred to the silk cloth.  
  • B The glass rod gets positive charge and silk cloth gets negative charge.
  • C New charge is created in the process of rubbing.
  • D both (a) and (b) are correct.

Question - 3

When a person combs his hair, static electricity is sometimes generated by what process?

  • A Contact between the comb and hair results in a charge.
  • B Friction between the comb and hair results in the transfer of electrons.
  • C Deduction between the comb and hair.
  • D Induction between the comb and hair.

Question - 4

Object may acquire an excess or deficiency of charge by

  • A electric force
  • B heating
  • C shaking
  • D by rubbing

Question - 5

The charge on an electron was calculated by

  • A Faraday 
  • B J.J. Thomson
  • C Millikan
  • D Einstein

Question - 6

A method for charging a conductor without bringing a charged body in contact with it is called

  • A Magnetization
  • B Electrification
  • C Electrostatic induction
  • D Electromagnetic induction

Question - 7

An object is charged when it has a charge imbalance,which means the

  • A object contains no protons
  • B object contains no electrons
  • C object contains equal number of electrons and protons
  • D object contains unequal number of electrons and protons

Question - 8

A conducting sphere is negatively charged. Which of the following statements is true?

  • A The charge is uniformly distributed throughout the entire volume.
  • B The charge is located at the center of the sphere.
  • C The charge is located at the bottom of the sphere because of gravity.
  • D The charge is uniformly distributed on the surface of the sphere.

Question - 9

The number of electrons present in -1 C of charge is

  • A 6 x 1018 
  • B 1.6 x 1019
  • C 6 X 1019
  • D 1.6 x 1018

Question - 10

A cup contains 250 g of water. Find the total positive charge present in the cup of water

  • A 1.34 x 1019 C
  • B 1.34 x 107 C
  • C 2.43 X 1019 C
  • D 2.43 x 107 C